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Swimming Naked 
Stacy Sims


About the Author- Stacy Sims was introduced to Pilates in January of 1998 when she started as a student with Troy McCarty, owner of the White Cloud Studios in Cleveland, Ohio. "When I began instruction, I hadn’t exercised with any regularity for more than a decade, was close to 30 pounds heavier and was in nearly all ways a pretty unhealthy person. From the first reformer session, I was hooked. I continued taking Pilates at least twice a week for the next three years. My body changed. Somewhere along the way, I began to take on new challenges and started living a more fully realized life.

In January, 2001 I quit my job as vice president of a graphic design firm in Cleveland to finish my first novel. I decided to teach Pilates a few hours a week and became certified through White Cloud Studios. I taught for White Cloud for the next several months until I moved back to Cincinnati, my home town. 

I opened Pendleton Pilates in October, 2001 with two reformers in a small studio space in Pendleton Square. Within a month, I had a full roster of clients. Within six months, I added another reformer and moved to a larger in Pendleton Square, In January, 2003 and the help of six instructors, Emily Ingram, Jessica White, Anna Burkett, Courtney Stables, Terri Stewart and Kate Hoge, we opened a second studio in Oakley.

It has been a remarkable couple of years. My novel, Swimming naked, was published by Viking Press, a division of Penguin-Putnam, in early 2004. I am working on a second novel and also write Girl Scout, a monthly column for Cincinnati Magazine."


About the book- As an adult, Lucy Greene lives hard and slips the clutches of any emotional commitment. She’s an incredibly appealing young woman who wields a bone-dry sense of humor as a shield, and promiscuity as a weapon. But when she arrives in overheated Florida to take care of her mother as she lies dying of cancer, Lucy finds herself in strange new emotional territory that can only be understood by a frank assessment of the past.

In a voice as sharp as it is funny and fresh, Lucy unfolds the story of her childhood, at the height of which sits a freak accident that occurred one fateful summer at the family lake house, an event that transforms the family and sets a mother and her daughters on a very different course. With this chain of memories Lucy hits all the nerves that have brought her a lifetime of ambivalence about her mother and exasperation with the outlandish dramatics of her sister, and to a crossroads as a thirty-year-old woman strung out on bitterness and self-doubt. It is Lucy’s one treasured memory – a midnight swim with her mother—that reminds her there is grace in her graceless world, a fact that helps her to forgive her mother, and ultimately, let her go.


WomensSelfesteem.com's Review- Stacy's first book 'Swimming Naked',  is quite a tale of relationships and relationships and, you guessed it, more relationships. Your head will spin with delight as you read this wonderful novel! Swimming Naked is a family story that will make you think about your own relationships, and how and why you have ended up where you are in them in the first place.






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