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The Exchange Book Review



Title: The Exchange
Author: Abby M. Hunter
Pages: 214 Soft Cover
ISBN#: 1-4241-4679-8

About the Author: Born and raised in Ohio, Abby M. Hunter is a mother of two. She currently resides in Stow, Ohio with her husband and children. Abby has a bachelor's degree in psychology, a master's degree in counseling and is currently working with troubled adolescents in a partial hospitalization group and with mentally retarded individuals. Abby has had a desire to be an author since she was in her fourth grade of school. Abby also loves to spend her time enjoying the ocean, the beauty that nature brings us and all the little things that life has to offer. Abby Hunter is a firm believer in true love, which is a much needed characteristic in order to have the insight and passion that helped her create the story, ”The Exchange”.

About the Book: "The Exchange", is a very well written story about, what I would consider, a kindred love between two spirits. This story is a great way to escape your own reality for a few hours. You will be touched by the forever love that is seeded and nurtured between the two main characters, Ashley Baldwin and Erik Halstein.
Ashley is a young woman who struggles in comparing a past experience to her present relationship with Erik and works hard to stay focused on her lifelong desire to be a surgeon. Erik is a foreign exchange student, and a young future Olympic hopeful, who also struggles with a past experience which pulls him away from Ashley over and over again throughout this story. Their meeting is full of passionate looks and feelings of never-ending desire to know more about each other.

Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends, ”The Exchange” as a book written for anyone that believes in a love at first sight and a love that is meant to be. “The Exchange” is a light journey connecting two hearts that, even though are challenged with time and personal goals, continues to build itself through time and distance, and eventually into one! Sometimes our self-esteem needs an escape.

Reviewers Remarks: Thank you Abby Hunter for sharing this love story through your talents as a writer with womensselfesteem.com.


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