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The First 30 Days

Your Guide to Any Change

(and Loving Your Life More)



About the Author:

Ariane de Bonvoisin is the founder of first30days.com, a website that helps people transition through dozens of changes, whether the change involves a health diagnosis, going green, moving to a new city, or getting married. She has a degree in economics and international relations from the London School of Economics and an MBA from Stanford University. Ariane worked at the Boston Consulting Group and with media giants BMG, Sony, and Time Warner before pursuing her dream to make a difference in people's lives. First30days.com became her life's work in 2005. Ariane is based in New York City where her company is also headquartered.


About the Book:

How do you deal with fear?

Do you fear change?

Do you want to feel your own personal power?

Do you believe you can as opposed to you cannot?

The First 30 Days will not only guide you through change, this book of very effective and practical material will leave you feeling confident, reassured and mentally equipped in the battle of accepting change.

You will also learn to identify with your own beliefs in order to promote the necessary change in your life.

Controlling ones thoughts has always been one of the toughest changes to master, which is one of the major issues covered in this well written book, The first 30 Days.

Ariane de Bonvoisin brings to her readers knowledge and strategies that will teach you skills that are imperative in order to understand and conquer the ability of thought control, which in turn will allow change to take place naturally.

Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends: The First 30 Days as a very effective learning and guidance tool.  This book is full of inspiration, common sense, and most definitely empowering thoughts and motivation.

If you have the desire to change, The First 30 Days will show you the way!


 -DorothyL@womensselfesteem.com (Aug08)


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Publisher: HarperCollins e-books

ASIN: B00188V836




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