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The Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me...Once

Stories and Perspectives to Help You Unlock Your Amazing Potential

BOOK TITLE: The Nurse in the Delivery Room slapped Me.. Once 'Stories and Perspectives to Help You Unlock Your Amazing Potential'
Publisher: Beckham Publications Group, Inc.
ISBN#: 0-9317611-25-5
PAGES: 220

The “Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me… Once: Stories and Perspectives to Help You Unlock Your Amazing Potential” represents D Anthony’s first title in a planned inspirational, motivational and enlightening series. While seemingly always possessing an insatiable lifelong need to not only pose the difficult, challenging questions, but to endeavor to answer them - it was a single dramatically life-altering event that would first crystallize the foundation for many of the very much atypical themes, insight and perspective so richly interwoven throughout the pages of his maiden book.
From the devastating untimely demise of his beloved mother… from the overwhelming heartache and sense of bewilderment, the catalyst of intense questioning about validity of purpose and the relevance of faith… from the entirely selfish need to simply have living begin to matter again – eventually a new, considerably more selfless destiny, would begin to emerge. In time, discontent would become renewed purpose and disillusionment reinvigorated passion – passion to get the most out of this life and to aspire to his true intended destiny… passion to encourage all who can dare to dream to discover and strive for their very own unique and incredible version of the same.

Some say that we live in a material, shallow and thoughtless world. Is this a true fact?
Do you not have a choice in what type of life you choose to live in?
Are you securing and nurturing a small place so that your world can in fact be managed with a healthy and positive outlook?
In D Anthony's book, "The Nurse in the Delivery Room slapped Me.. Once" you will find yourself pondering those exact questions.
You will be overwhelmed by his thoughts in regards to how one can find and release their own inner strength and attitudes.
This book will re-awaken your first born thoughts of what love, caring, understanding and wanting is suppose to be.
The stories in this book are written in hopes that you will feel compelled to dig deep inside and pull out all of the shelved dust ridden morals and genuine
feelings that once were important to your life.

You will read about common sense and the differences in making good choices verses bad choices.
As D Anthony puts it, " Every Day is a blessing, and every blessing a gift from God. Spend your blessings wisely."

Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends, " The Nurse in the Delivery Room slapped Me.. Once" as an insightful and empowering very well written read.
It has positive direction and the messages that D Anthony shares with his readers are clear and very transforming. You cannot help but feel driven towards a
stronger commitment towards a more fulfilled and purposeful life.



Reviewer- Dorothy Lafrinere, Founder of WomensSelfesteem.com, Nov/07


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