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Title: The Tears To Treasure, Amy's Journey
Author: Vickie Suchy
Publisher: Publish America (June 2006)
ISBN: 1424143071
Pages: 80 Paperback

About the Author: Vickie Suchy, was born in Southern California, where she continues to works in sales, training, and management. She presently lives in Orange County, California, with her family whom she spends her time with when she is not writing or working. Vickie stumbled across her first tear bottle when shopping one day in a gift shop in Laguna Beach, California.
It was then, that her book of life began a new chapter without her even knowing it. Vickie was totally consumed by the Tear Bottles mysterious powers and legend.
She not only succeeded in writing a story surrounding the Tear Bottle that sends out a message to its readers that, ”life is too precious to ever turn our backs on”, she also launched an internet store to sell the Tear Bottles so that everyone can enjoy a taste of its special powers as she has. Another message that Vickie is trying to send to her readers, through her writings, is how important it is to embrace life and the unpredictability of its changes.

About the Book: "The Tears To Treasure", is a story about Amy’s Journey, a journey that will take its reader through a whirlwind of emotions such as love, laughter, disappointment, pain, guilt, passion and happiness. It is a story of falling in love, marriage, children, and the strength and courage it takes to embrace life and keep moving forward. The tears that Amy sheds through her many trials and tribulations are very much an important part of her story as you will read chapter after chapter, tear after tear. It is a journey of life in its best dress and its dirtiest laundry. It will make you feel like you have "been there and done that" in one or more parts of Amy’s Journey. "The Tears To Treasure", is an easy and delightful read and can even be thought of as, “Short and sweet”.
This story was inspired by actual Tear Bottles that have been used for sentiment and held with respect for centuries.

Recommendation: Womensselfesteem.com recommends the book "The Tears To Treasure", to every type of reader that just wants to escape their world for a short time and lose themselves in a kind hearted story that will remind them that, ”life is meant to be lived”.

Reviewed by Dorothy Lafrinere


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