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Things MEN Say...

 Good, Bad, Naughty, and Nice (A to Z)


About the Author:

Tracey L. Williams is a consummate marketing professional and visionary who has founded multiple businesses during her career span of over 16 years. Marketing Werks, LLC, her principal business has provided marketing consulting services for over 10 years to leading firms within the metropolitan Washington, DC area. She has an MBA from The George Washington University and is currently pursing coaching certification through the International Coach Federation. As a coach Tracey utilizes her business and marketing expertise to help individuals discover their true talents and inner strengths to achieve success and purpose within the business world. One not to heed her own advice, Tracey balances her life by employing her natural gifts and pursuing her varied passions. She uses inventive mediums for inspiration and a means to expand her insight. Whether it's writing, photography, creating abstract art or brainstorming new concepts, Tracey enjoys colliding her creative and business worlds together (with tads of wit sprinkled throughout); this “melding” allows her to “stay vibrant and true to her passions”. Her book, Things Men Say embodies that philosophy and is truly an expression of her creativity and playful spirit. Born and raised in New York, Tracey currently lives in Washington, D.C. and classifies herself as an "urban girl who is impassioned with city living". Although her list keeps growing, her favorite cities include Chicago, DC, Miami, San Francisco and of course, NY.


About the Book:

Tracey L. Williams steps up to the bat and reveals some  funny and very real things that men say while playing the dating game and/ or while trying to basically score. Tracey shares with us through, 'Things MEN Say' her experiences with dates while living her life as an 'Urban Girl'. In Tracey's words..."I had to go through a barrel of rotten apples before getting to the best and most delicious one of them all." Things MEN Say..Good, Bad, Naughty, and Nice (A to Z)  is more than not something every reader will identify with at one point or another:)

Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends: "Things MEN Say"  as a very well written, Fun, short and sweet comical  read not only for those involved in the dating game, also for anyone interested in 'Things MEN Say'!

Not only is it entertaining but it is a definite book of hindsight. Ladies you will not feel like the odd woman out after reading , 'Things MEN Say'...you will actually feel relieved that is not you!


~DorothyL 02/09



Meet Tracey. L. Williams


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