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About the Author:

Julia Johnson loves writing books and living in her fictional world that she creates. It's the real world she struggles with trying to live in daily. Julia is known to have a good sense of humor and loves laughing with her grandson, Ryder. Julia's other interests are, reading, writing, reviewing other authors great works, visiting interesting website and simply enjoying life with her family!

About the Book:

Imagine being born into a world of love, with a mother and father that completed your circle with their love for each other. Then imagine at the age of 5 your beloved father dieing. Leaving you and watching the world you once felt loved and safe in, shatter and turn into a world of abuse, rape, hate, fear and pure inconceivable terror.
This is how Pearl's life began.
As you read, “Three Roses for Pearl",  you will feel as if you are being taken on an Emotional Roller-coaster ride, with each page you turn.
Pearl's story goes deep into your psyche, to a point where you will feel compelled to cheer her on as she pushes forward and embraces her second chance at life.
Pearl is found in a small town, where she is rescued from a car accident that begins her twist of fate, thus her second chance begins.
Through her memories of the love that welcomed her into this world she gains a renewed strength which she desperately needs in order to reunite herself with the children once removed from her arms. Roses become Pearl's symbol of love, even more so, the only connection that joins her love of life before with her life now and the life her children continue after.

Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends: 'Three Roses for Pearl'  as not only an extremely well Penned story, full of interesting characters and a very well rounded plot, but more so it is a story of Hope and second chances. Through Julia Johnson's amazing ability to share her story through words, she reveals the true importance of trust, friendships, family and the innate desire to keep moving forward and never stop believing in oneself! This story is a true feel good read and a must for everyone that feels there is no hope or such a thing as a second chance at life! Julia Johnson, I commend you on yet another very inspiring book!







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