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Sarah Tate

About the AuthorSarah Tate is a single mom, who lives and works in Switzerland. She arrived in Switzerland ten years ago and apart from a brief stay in France, has remained ever since, as Switzerland has become her adopted homeland. Sarah has three young kids, who take up most of her time, but she still managed to find time to write her first book 'Web of Lies - My life with a Narcissist'.

About the book- Web of Lies-My Life with a Narcissist,  is an emotionally moving and well written autobiography of how love and trust can blind the truth which in turn will enable a narcissistic personality disorder(NDP) and the struggles toward the road of recovery from being victim to a person of such a disorder. This book covers 10 years of Sarah Tates life in a relationship with her then thought to be, the love of her life, or as she puts it, "Her soulmate, Bill". As you read through the stages of her relationship, you will begin to understand Sarah Tate's feelings and justifications which would not allow her to walk away. You will share her struggles and her dreams from, the wooing courtship to having 3 beautiful children to the downfall and destruction of what she thought was going to be the perfect life.

Web of lies-My Life with a Narcissist.. this title most definitely speaks for itself. If you are uncertain as to what a narcissistic personality disorder is ... this book will give you without a doubt, a very clear picture. In any relationship from the beginning and even to the bitter end in some, we tend to continuously convince ourselves that it will get better or that we must have done something wrong. This type of delusional thinking is exactly what a narcissist personality disorder seeds and nurtures. It is what allows them to tighten their grip on the control of your thinking. In this book the author Sarah Tate, shares with us her story about her relationship with this exact type of personality. You will read how her love and trust is used as the fuel that feeds the fire of her then husbands narcissistic tendencies. You will, as the person outside of this relationship, be wondering why she does not see what you see in this man. You will also probably even be telling yourself that you would never be caught in a situation like that. I promise you that by the end of reading SarahTates story, you will be not only more aware of your knowledge on narcissistic personality disorders, you may even begin to look at your own relationship through a more clear lens of awareness.

Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends; Web of Lies- My Life with a Narcissist,  as an extremely informative and very effective resource on Narcissistic Personality Disorders for men and women. It is a true awareness lesson for us all, one which is vital to finding a healthy and successful relationship.
Reviewed by: DorothyL  (10/11)



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