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West Coast Lady Book Review


Title: West Coast Lady
Author: D.L. Carroll
Publisher: Publish America
Pages: 192 Soft Cover
ISBN#: 1-4241-7318-3


About the Author: Darlene L. Carroll shares her thoughts through her work in order to open minds, inspire and empower women all over the world.
Born in Redwood City, California, D.L Carroll still resides in Santa Clara, California, the Silicon Valley with her son and their dog.
Her creativity began in her desire to write poetry. From there she broadened her desires and skills through education and took buisness courses at San Jose State.
D.L.Carroll spent many years writing letters of recommendation, executive correspondence and presentations. She now is an owner of a business and is involved in youth organizations. Her idea for writing, "WEST COAST LADY" came from an on-line type of competition challenging writers to compose a novel consisting of 50,000 words in 30 days.
D.L.Carroll, with her flare for thought uses the butterfly as a symbol for her story. The West Coast Lady is a butterfly found in California.

About the Book: West Coast Lady: is a well written story that will open up new hopes and encouragement to its readers. In this story, not only will you meet Annabelle. You will also become part of her thoughts and struggles as she shares her life with you. You will feel her growing pains as a youth as she experiences them through a broken home, sexual and physical abuse, drugs and alcohol.
Annabelle will draw you into her heart with her relationships of false love, deception and life's lessons that she gains through out these experiences. From her youth, Annabelle had the ability to see qualities in others that no-one else could. She teachers her readers how to think with an open mind or as some would say ,"OUTSIDE OF THE BOX". As much as this proves to be an asset in many of her trials, it also tends to play havoc in her relationship decisions as well.
WEST COAST LADY will teach its readers that a dream can be possible through determination and courage.
Through Annabelle you will feel the ups and downs of single-parenting as she strives to climb the corporate ladder and create a life for her son that she did not have. All readers will find a place in this book that they can feel a type of dejavue.

Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends, ”West Coast Lady”. This book is full of confidence, struggles, self-esteem, love, understanding and human conditioning. This is a realistic life read that will be good company when one needs to just curl up and live life through anothers eyes and heart. D.L.Carroll teaches many good life's lessons through the eyes of Annabelle of the Silicon Valley!

DorothyL.... July 29, 2007



For more about Darlene L. Carroll: www.dlcarroll.com


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