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Women, What the Hell are You Thinking
An Inspirational Guide To Becoming a Virtuous Woman of God



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About the Author: Cheryl Lacey-Donovan, has spent over 20 of her years as a health care provider and educator. In those years Cheryl has helped women learn to overcome and deal with many issues that arise from their many daily challenges as women.
Cheryl's insight through God's word and the bible has proven to be her stronghold in her life. Finding herself with a child in her early teen years has given Cheryl without realizing it, a reason to turn completely towards God for her foundation of strength. Cheryl has two sons and a husband of 13 years. They are members of the Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas.
Cheryl Lacey-Donovan is a true Virtuous Woman!

About the Book: "Women, What the Hell are You Thinking
An Inspirational Guide To Becoming a Virtuous Woman of God"
A Virtuous Woman is: a protector of her spiritual beliefs upright, strong, loving, forgiving, patient, courageous, faithful, wise, kind, owns self-respect, guards her dignity, and will turn away from anything or any one that would dare tear down her self-worth or self-esteem. This Virtuous woman is what the book, "Women What the Hell are You Thinking" is written about. In this book the author teaches women lessons through her words and through the use words of biblical references. The lessons that you will read in this book are meant to reach your most inner self and help you become more aware of your self-esteem, your self-acceptance and your spiritual self. You will also learn the importance of a no-acceptance policy to allow failure in your life.
"Women What the Hell are You Thinking", is a book for women of all ages. It is well written and easily understood through the author, Cheryl Lacey-Donovan's interpretations. This book will wake up many of your most hidden thoughts and fears in regards to how you are living today.
Through its very inspiring biblical references you will be faced with a very important question such as, are you a VIRTUOUS WOMAN? This question alone will take you through this book page after page, challenging you to look hard at how you think and feel as a woman today. You will also begin to look at how YOU are allowing others to treat you, through every type of relationship. It will unfold many strong feelings, some that you may have never felt before. These feelings are renewed spiritual awakenings which will help you to take a stand for your right as a virtuous woman.

Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends, ”Women, What the Hell are You Thinking” for all women. All women that face daily challenges ranging from abuse, poverty, racism, addictions and parent-teen problems, just to name a few. These challenges play the Devils advocate in many of our lives, causing so much emotional confusion. This book will help you, the reader to be more aware of your enemy.

DorothyL.... 05/07



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Author Interview- CLICK HERE.




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