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About the Author:  Judy Russo Hawkinson, a published author, born in Passaic, NJ USA, is also a writer, poet, teacher, and Life Skills Coach. To add to her past successes Judy shared some of her thoughts with her readers when she was interviewed by Don McCaully for his show www.theauthorshow.com on her new book, ' YOU ARE ENOUGH'.

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YOU ARE ENOUGH...Choosing the Life You Want,  teaches readers how to redirect their life; gives examples of lifestyle changes and with words of encouragement and wisdom explain the steps needed for change. To find their true self, the reader must acknowledge the need for change and make conscious choices. This book can be a catalyst for readers to become aware of the walls they have erected to protect themselves; to not live by others' "shoulds" and to regain control of their lives.
This book presents examples of how to succeed and to regain control of your life. You Are Enough... can be a catalyst to redirect your life.

Womensselfesteem.com's Review:  'YOU ARE ENOUGH...Choosing the Life You Want '  is a very effective and information based resource book. Not only is it filled with vital self-survival messages, positive hind site, and inspiration, this book is a clear direction toward every persons, 'right to be', destination while at the same time bypassing the road toward self-denial. knowledge is power and by reading past the words being shared with you through Judy Russo Hawkinson, only then, will you understand the full meaning of identifying your importance to you. Change is a very hard thing to do within oneself, anyone that has attempted to change can relate to the energy and strength needed as it requires consistent thought retraining. This book will guide you through the steps necessary to follow, in order to be successful in reaching your goals in strengthening your self- balance, self-acceptance, self-esteem and most of all the realization that, 'You Are Enough'~


Reviewed 07/12


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