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I am sure most of you have read or heard somewhere about one of the fastest rising choices in cosmetic surgeries happening in today's world of body-image .
One being Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery (Labiaplasty) ..according to stats..there has been an estimated 30% increase since 2005. More women each year are choosing to have their labia cut and sculpted like a piece of modeling clay. They are also signing up fast and furious to have it stitched up to reduce looseness and size through what is labeled, 'Vaginal Rejuvenation'. The age groups range anywhere from 15-late 20's.

So do tell me people....where is this need to be perfect going to stop?

Self-esteem...self-acceptance....being accepted... money... popularity.... vanity.....just because I can....it is the latest fashion.....porn....prostitution....ect.

These are just a few of the reasons as to the why's of this type of cosmetic surgery, which do not differ from any other.

Just so that I am not seeming to be gender specific on the topic of drastic measures to be the 'perfect person'....I will say that women are not alone in this need to 'better themselves' trap. There are many men right there next to them. These men are constantly searching for longevity fixes (staying power), surgeries to extend their penis, pectoral glands, hair implants, ect.

It seems that we are now living in a world where human beings for some reason will never be happy with what they were born with. We are finding or inventing every excuse under the sun to justify our lack of self-acceptance...she is much prettier, thinner, richer, sexier, bolder, smarter, she is or seems happier... on and on!

We continue to sabotage our own self-acceptance. We are our own abuser.

I have also heard and read that butt implants surgery is fast and growing in popularity for both men and women. It seems that a larger number of the younger girls are developing the body type of, shall I say a 'Booty-licous' mold more than ever before and many of the older woman feel threatened. So we have now moved on from the breast evolution to the vagina and buttocks evolution.

The Labiaplasty that women are lining up to get is still questionable in the health standards and unknown side affects.

In 2007, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists issued a statement that the surgery is "not medically indicated" and that it is "deceptive to give the impression that v a g i n a l rejuvenation, designer, vaginoplasty, revirginization, G-spot amplification, or any other such procedures are accepted and routine surgical practices." They offer a frightening list of potential complications including "infection, altered sensitivity, dyspareuinia, adhesions, and scarring." These surgeries were also blacklisted by The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists after doctors saw in increase in women needing reconstructive surgery due to badly botched jobs. They issued a statement saying the procedures are "not very anatomically based and have the potential to cause serious harm."

In reading this, there is little doubt that these surgeries can be incredibly risky and can come with grave complications. Unfortunately there are no so called testimonials stating that they have had a 'bad vag- job'. More than not...they are probably being paid to stay closed mouthed about it. Who wants to brag about failure. This is never good for the profits.

This type of surgery has also been reported to play mind trickery on the women, especially if their reason for having the surgery was due to a lack of sexual sensitivity or stimulation. Even if they heal 100% physically...in the back of their minds they will always be in fear of of tearing or rupturing while they are partaking in sexual activities. They in fact still not happy.

A magazine article reports that one of Porn's biggest stars, 'Jenna Jameson', was hush hush about her experience; "when the famed Porn star reportedly underwent a vaginoplasty in 2007, she was supposedly so upset with the results that she went into hiding." Pretty obvious when a woman with what it takes to be a Pornstar is getting vaginoplasty. I repeat...when will it stop?

Women seem to feel for one reason or another that they cannot be special or desired if they do not fit this unrealistic barbie doll form. Now because of the very explicit Pornography and altered photographs that are at anyone's fingertips through the Internet...'A Vagina of Perfection' is what you are seeing. A woman never cared about what her vagina looked like before except for maybe trimming her pubic hairs.

Even Playboy admits that they airbrush and reshape the photos of the vagina's. These unreal images are what is distorting what 'real' is. Our minds have become totally bought and paid for in what we use to know as the freedom of thinking.
We no longer think for ourselves. We are being molded into clones and we do not even see it.

I have interviewed many men about what they desire in a woman and their thoughts on women having cosmetic surgery...I have yet to hear any agree with the choices women make in cutting their bodies and risking their health so they can feel like they are accepted and deemed sexier by their men.
They also do not appreciate the fact that they are being accused as being the reason so many women do opt to alter their appearance. For so many men...flesh is flesh. A woman who is confident about who she is and loves who she is, is one of the biggest turn on's and attractions for a guy.
Yes he will look at a beautiful site, as well so will woman.

They did agree and do understand that, every time they buy or log onto Pornography ..they are in fact adding to the demand for the porn itself not so much the perfect bodied Porn stars.

Is it.. the men's fault that women choose to mutilate their bodies?
NO..it most certainly is not.
Women are soley responsible what they choose to do to themselves and why. There are many women that need that little bit of extra support...they cannot find it anywhere so they immediatley think that altering their appearance will help. Dealing with Low self-esteem issues, I see more than I care to admit of self-abuse. Cosmetic surgery being first on the list.

Too many women have been bought and paid for as far as I am concerned.  They fall into the traps of do anything it takes to be that depicted 'perfect image'.

The women that choose to go into Pornography or prostitution are doing it for the money. They are selling us all out big time. They are also putting all of us in a position of being less than.

The demand on having the so called perfect body has now managed to set a wedge in many relationships, it has become a focus point for any woman that has any level of low self-acceptance, it has also played a huge part in confusing our preteens as to what is acceptable and what is not to the point of suicide or in some cases and serious eating disorders.

I caught a clip of a documentary the other night in regards to how far back pornography can be researched. To my amazement or maybe my gullibility ...they have had Pornography films from the very beginning of television. They were black and white and the sex was just as rough and exposed as it is today...the difference being the people all looked like our grandparents. Nothing about body-image issues there. It was sex...pure and simple. Don't get me wrong...there were women with women and orgies too. All of the positions you see today were also being filmed.
That proves that humans were as far back as can be filmed..extremely sexual adventurers. We also know that back in the roman days...men were very much into having young boys as their 'sexual pleasure toys'...for lack of a better term.

The difference is that today we have evolved into as society of the 'perfect body' which is resulting in self-mutilation, which is more diplomatically known as cosmetic surgery. Porn stars themselves were being interviewed on this documentary and stated, it is the women that choose who they will allow to be in the film with them. That porn is all about the woman and how she looks. More interesting.. is that the woman are paid almost 40% more than any of the male Porn stars.
There you go...right from the horses mouth, so to speak.

I guess it will end soon enough as we are running out of body parts to replace. The only thing left is our soul. My faith that people will not sell their soul has long since diminished so ...in all seriousness what is left?

We are living in sad times not only economically but also mentally and spiritually.



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Cher says:

Labiaplasty is indeed a sad commentary on how low a woman's self-esteem must be to undergo such a surgery. As a woman ages she can still be beautiful. But let's face it, her partner needs to reinforce that. Husbands, boyfriends, significant others are sought after by many women without regard to their relationship status. If a woman has been abandoned because of infidelity, she is more apt to get into this cosmetic surgery addiction. It is an unspoken tragedy.





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