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This self-esteem information was written by the founder and owner of womensselfesteem.com, Dorothy Lafrinere. You may have seen a few of these self-esteem articles, or portions of them, around the Internet. They have become quite popular, and for good reason! They deal with the most common themes of womens self-esteem, confidence, jealousy, relationships, self-worth, and much more, and are full of great self esteem tips. I guarantee that you have NEVER seen your self-esteem and your feelings explained in such easy to understand terms. For most women, this self-esteem information is what they have been looking for, for most of their lives. When women really read this information, they are extremely happy to have finally found some real answers. Your self-esteem will grow just from reading these! The knowledge found in these articles is priceless. We believe that women should have the best information available.

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  Building Self Esteem with Music...

Since my worst period of issues with low self esteem, I’ve realized that one of my main problems was – and still is – the inability to access my own feelings and emotions. I minimized my reactivity to people and events in order to prevent myself from doing something that might offend others in some way. In that process, I lost myself........ 

  Behind the Bars of Food Addiciton!

They know well enough that they disgust people just by watching their reactions, yet is is not enough to make them stop eating. Obese people are ridiculed in public all the time and they loose out on many relationships because the other person cannot understand their addiction for food. Food addicts will even ignore that they are literally killing themselves with every bite that they do not need. They choose to not think about it, as any addict does.

  Selfesteem says....'Bite Me'

Have you ever just wanted to say " BITE ME" !!!

  Imprisoned by A Low Self-esteem

In a relationship, when one partner is suffering, both partners are indeed suffering. What one person brings to a relationship affects the other partner. Understand without any room to argue...it is vital that you take care of who you are before you decide to commit to sharing a life with another person. If you are in a relationship and your partner suffers seriously from any type of issue...

  Understanding a Low Self Esteem

Low self-esteem can make a person shrink in seconds. One minute you will be feeling on top of the world and it will only take one wrong look, gesture or compliment by another to crash that feeling of security.
Even when this look, gesture, or compliment is not given in a negative context, but....

  Vagina of Perfection..Labiaplasty

I have also heard and read that butt implants surgery is fast and growing in popularity for both men and women. It seems that a larger number of the younger girls are developing the body type of, shall I say a 'Booty-licous' mold more than ever before and many of the older woman feel threatened. So we have now moved on from the breast evolution to the vagina and buttocks evolution.

  A Cat Walk Model & Body-Image

So for all of you women out there that compare themselves with these unrealistic body images, relax and admire what you have. Stop allowing what is not real determine your level of self-esteem.
The same goes for those men out there that feel they are missing out on something. Please and thank you!

  Feel Good Tips!

 We should start with the nicest feel good thing, and that is touch.

  How To Release Negativity

Negativity accumulates in our lives, in our souls, over time. The process of removing it optimally happens in layers. It's best to release as much of each stored negative emotion as you can during...


True self-esteem is grounded on a positive self-image strongly reinforced by positive attitudes like self-approval and personal contentment. These are values that come from within one self. In today’s world, there are thousands of outside factors that can influence a woman into believing otherwise and compelling her to look for her own value in something other than herself. Unfortunately, these factors are not only promoted intentionally, but also mechanically, because their power to undermine a sense of self-empowerment of a woman is induced through the power of suggestion in a manner closely related to hypnotic indoctrination.


Confidence and self-esteem. Is it because women are not of the IDEAL weight or is it truly a mind set? I cannot seem to write enough about self-esteem. Here is something posted in my website (womensselfesteem.com), from one of my dearest members...

  Live, Love and Laugh

   LIVE like its the greatest gift ever!  LOVE yourself like a fat kid luvs cake!  LAUGH like you have never laughed b4!

  Body Image!

When are we going to say no to the world that is working over time to sell, sell, sell? They are selling us, right down the river. We are buying into their game and they are winning. Every where we look our minds are brainwashed with images of the perfect body image.

  How To Forgive

Since the forgiveness experience will happen only for you, only you will receive its benefits. Your forgiveness may not influence a change in the behavior of others one bit. But it's not about them. It's about you...

  Positive thinking: A key to a high self-esteem!

Self esteem: Our positive thoughts are what will strengthen our minds to allow that positive personal change to happen. We choose to think our thoughts. We choose to see certain things. So then why is it so hard for us to think away the negative elements that our world insists on pasting all over the place?

  It's Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood!


“I wanna play!  You’re working me too hard!”
 “I’m tired- I need rest”
 “I need to be loved”
 “I need to be appreciated”
  The Courage To Speak The Truth

I tell you, I cannot wait for that day!  I’m sick and tired of caring so much about what others think about me or how they see me.  Granted, hot flashes don’t sound so great, nor does lying in bed every night unable to sleep staring blankly at the ceiling, but the sense of coming into one’s own so profoundly sure does.

  Fight Depression! Win Self-Esteem!

Here are some ideas to conquer that very blue mood and fight depression and win self-esteem.

  You Can Control Your Eating!

"Getting started with your change is tough, and believe me it is tough. It takes courage, determination, motivation, and a will to live life better, but it is so worth it! Taking action to change your life is scary, but the change can be wonderful! You have to take action, period! That's the key."

  Self-comparison, Self-worth and Uniqueness

If you try to value yourself through the eyes of others or through a comparison of others, you will be doing nothing but denying your own uniqueness. To know your uniqueness and self-worth is to know yourself, without hearing or seeing any other source of comparison.

  Train your thoughts to be positive!

The more you practice the easier and more automatically your mind will accept positive thoughts over negative ones.

  Self-esteem Builds Female Athletes

Beads of sweat roll down her forehead as she rubs a very prominent muscle in her calve. Her breathing is deep and hard but steady as regains her focus to another place  in order to numb the pain. She reaches into a place in her mind where she has stored an energy that only a dedicated athlete has come to know. An energy that will take her that extra distance to her finish mark.

  Say the phrase "SO WHAT".

I am going to introduce you to my newest positive reaction attitude phrase. This self-esteem phrase has an amazing impact on how you deal with negative elements and thoughts. There are no instructions needed and it requires no batteries....

  Is There a Quick Fix for Low Self-esteem?

There are websites out there and many therapist that are selling you promises of quick fixes for cash. There are tons of books and ebooks, all telling you how to create a new you. Just by the amount of women coming into my site, I can tell that...


There are good habits and bad habits....you choose....

  Resolutions should be made EVERYDAY!

Why do we have to make resolutions only once a year? How many of you have ever fulfilled a New Years Resolution? EVERY DAY for the rest of your lives, your resolutions should start as soon as you open your eyes in the morning.

  A Code Of Positive Self-Esteem Ethics!

I have written the Code Of Positive Self-esteem Ethics for you. Treat it with respect, and it will teach you to respect you in return.

  Fight for your Self-Worth!

Listen to me! You are not responsible for falling, or losing the battle. But you are TOTALLY responsible for getting back up. Yes that's right, it is you that has to pull it together. I know, it's a joke to even think about it, but you need to go back as far back as you can and find a place where in your mind that will make you smile.

  Self-Love = Positive Self-esteem!

Self esteem: You look in the mirror and stick your tongue out and roll your eyes inward and smile! Smile at you because you love who you are.

  How do I reach an orgasm?
Is it OK to fake an Orgasm? Is there something wrong with a woman that has not experienced an orgasm? There is nothing physically wrong with women that have not experienced the big O! They simply just have not learned how. It is very much a mental exercise as well as physical.
  Sex, Power and the Rescue

Have you ever used sex as a tool? No? Aw , come on. You never did the bat-your-eyes routine? I have. On some level we all do.

  Mind Games!

Have you ever been caught up in a thought that will not let you out? Escape is not an option. What was a simple drip in your pool of thoughts, quickly turned into an ocean of tidal waves rolling into each, over and over again. This is what it feels like to not have positive control over your mind.

  The Ugliness of Low Self-confidence!

Our negative trap is working well, isn't it? The trap of low self confidence is what will trigger all the lows in our emotions such as: low self-esteem, low energy levels, low sexual desires, low positive thinking, low care in personal hygiene, low desires in life period.

  Media & Women!

The magazine people that pride themselves on using air-brushed models with unrealistic looks, called the Dove girls in this commercial, "civilians".

  The Power of Self-Esteem!

Your goal is to offset the mind-body reaction to the stresses we are constantly forced to deal with through society. The power of self-esteem can be gained if you really want it.

  Every Woman`s Life!

There comes a time in every woman's life when she has to take a close look at herself.

  Her Cries for help are Real!!

Throughout my dealings with women from all over the world, I have met so many that are in a prison of pain and frustration. Through my website, they search desperately for a way out of this prison. They want so desperately to be heard.

  A Fitter, Firmer, Self-esteem

I have simplified the "dieting thing" for you all. If you want to "diet" and really lose weight and be a MUCH better you, please read on.

  WOMEN ...What We Are

WOMEN are like the ocean. When they feel loved, their self esteem rises and falls like the ocean at its wildest time.

  SEX, Self-esteem & Communication

SEX is suppose to be fun and open and raw. Women, listen to me now, your man loves your body, he really does. SEX is non judgmental.


To ROAR with CONFIDENCE is as effective as telling the world to "BITE ME"! It Works!

  CONTROL...who exactly is being controlled?

Does one really feel that they are controlling their mate?


They do not even remember how to respect themselves. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

  Small Pleasures! Big Smiles!

It happened when I saw this 3 day old, new little person

  Why do Pretty Girls CRY?

You are the pretty girl that your man wants, desires, and will spend the rest of his life with. It's who we are that makes us the perfect woman. Not just what we look like, because we are not always going to look the same

  Familiar faces give hope to homeless

This is the article mentioned in my July 2005 newsletter.

  Oh.....to be a FEMALE!!!

But being FEMALE, now that's a challenge and a half...

Why are there so many women with low-self-esteem? Why are there so many women with jealousy issues?

  Why so little good stuff out there?

I was not really impressed by whats out there.....

  Feelings !!!

So why do we allow jealousy and low self-esteem feelings......

  Self-Abuse more likely among teens with low self-esteem, anxiety

Self-Abuse more likely among teens with low self-esteem, anxiety......

  Sport gives self-esteem big lift

Sport gives self-esteem big lift......




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