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 Resolutions should be made EVERYDAY

Resolutions should be made EVERYDAY


New Years Resolutions....Hmmmmm. I have to wonder if that is a negative or a positive idea!

Listening to people worry due to the pressure of the New Year's Resolution tradition.....has definitely made me stop and wonder.

These are just a few things that I have heard repeatedly from others...

"I seem to always struggle around New Years..Did I get ANYTHING accomplished this year?...Am I thinner this year?...Does my husband love me more this year?...What will I be like next year at this time?...Am I a better person this year?...I just try to remember ... "Would I judge a friend's year the way I judge my own...and would I be this hard on someone I loved?" Another New Years dilemma ... do I even appreciate the changes and things that I have this year? When is it ever enough? When do I get to the point where I am happy with what I've got.....ARGH....makes me just want to crawl in bed and hide until February."

I have read so much hype about New years this and New Years that! It does make me question the purpose of it all. Why do we have to make resolutions only once a year? How many of you have ever fulfilled a New Years Resolution? If I tend to sound skeptical here, well I am being very skeptical!


I write about creating good habits, finding a balance in your life. I talk about the importance of being you. Making you an important priority in your every day life. I spend many, many hours teaching women how to change their thoughts about their self-worth every day. To even suggest we make a resolution one time in the year is inconceivable to me. Can you imagine if we washed or did laundry only once a year, how seriously nasty life would smell? I know, silly analogy here, but it is just as silly to me, to make this so called New Years Resolution.


My e-mail is over loaded with gimmicks of new things to do for your resolution. Buy this and buy that. Oh better yet, lets talk about that word I dislike so much, "diet". There are more New diets for the New Year that it amazes me. The amount of time put into the advertising this so called resolution is mind boggling. So where am going with this? Well, I am saying that the comments like the one's you read up top is whats happening to a lot of people in the New Year. They become depressed. They feel even worse than they did before. Why is that? Well, read on and I will tell you. They are pressured into feeling guilty that they cannot say that they lost 50lbs, quit smoking, kept their house clean, paid off their credit card balances, became a triathlete, became a major player in their work place, or even saved enough money to take a trip. I can go on and on with all the things that people say they are going to do this year and never get done. When I worked out in a gym, people would come in droves on January 2 to fulfill a resolution that they felt compelled to make. I can tell you that they may have lasted about 2 months and that's tops. They in turn left feeling even more depressed because they set their goals too high....they felt they had to turn their bodies around in one resolution:(


Again society telling us what to do and how to do it. Why do we continue to fall into these traps. If you want to make a resolution, then make it.....not once a year but... EVERY DAY! If you want to do anything in your life, then you have to work at it EVERY DAY! If you want to change your negative thoughts into positive ones, you must change them EVERYDAY! Why do you want to wait until the year is over to worry about what you should have or could have done?


When I read someones worries about what they did not accomplish through out the year, my first thought is why don`t you think about what you have accomplished this year.
The only question you can answer with any certainty is whether you loved yourself enough in 2008. Our problems don't define us. The way we resolve them defines us."


We do so much EVERY DAY that we do not even realize it. We raise our children, we keep our families in tact, we do our best in our work place, we are there when a friend is in need, we put our own wants and desires aside for others, we do things to just make people smile, we are always thinking of someone else instead of ourselves. We do so many things already that we forget to pat ourselves on the back for the little things in life. When we can start to appreciate ourselves for those little things that we do EVERYDAY, then and only then, can we raise our self-esteem to its highest place.


Sweet People, EVERY DAY for the rest of your lives, your resolutions should start as soon as you open your eyes in the morning.

Live life like it is the precious  gift that it is!

Love yourself like you would love your most favorite person!

Look in the mirror and smile!

Instead of writing a journal, write yourself a love letter!

Take 5 minutes everyday to just get to know you!

Respect your womanhood and let it soar!

Focus on positive thoughts!

Remember that forgiveness also free's you!

And whatever you do, don`t forget to wash and do the laundry! (wink)




“Watch your thoughts; they become your words.


Watch your words; they become your actions.


Watch your actions; they become your habits.


Watch your habits; they become your character.


Watch your character for it will become your destiny.”


-Frank Outlaw








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