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There are good and bad habits, some of us have more of one than the other. I would say that I myself have a few bad habits, NOT smoking, NOT eating too much, NOT drinking too much, NOT chewing my nails, NOT picking my nose NOT any of the typical ones that's for sure.


 Nope, mine are more mind oriented, I guess that's why I speak so much about good feelings and things to practice to get your lows turned up to highs.


Self Esteem is a definite Yes, speaking before one has a chance to finish  YES, wanting everything to be in its place YES, neat freak YES, colors have to co-ordinate YES, any job I do has to be perfect YES..ok ok so I tend to be teetering on the anal side of the characteristic street. Bite me!  


All these flaws are somewhat the method to my madness of creating new habits. I really do not see them as being bad habits to me, but to people around me, well lets just say they would probably say YES they are. 


It is written, and I do not know where, that it takes 14 days to make a habit and 14 days to break a habit.. I read this when I use to be a cardio freak in a gym a few years ago.  I tested it out in the cardio area and it proved itself to be correct.


From then on I started the practice of turning bad habits into good habits. MY self esteem issues is actually what brought me here doing this. I am a fairly private person, so through my sharing my thoughts with the entire internet world, trust me it is a hard habit to change. But I am doing it.       


 When I am in conversation with people. My bad habit is to return a comment before they even finish their thought, its as if I am playing Squash, (racket sport)  I blame it on that darn game I use to play. In squash all you need is the first movement of your opponents racket to tell you where the ball is going to go, so you are already preparing your return, YUP that's me in conversation. So the habit I work very hard at is JUST LISTEN. And easy it is NOT!!!


Also my neat,organization, everything has to match habits is perfectly fine,  if I was living alone. But in the world of human beings and relationships, we all must learn to compromise which leads to bettering ones habits to blend with everyone elses.


Another one of my bad habits is assuming that people are thinking things that I am thinking , or seeing things that I am seeing, HMMMM this is a huuuuge one for me, and it does take a lot of energy to bend this puppy. But as I have said, I am challenge oriented and this is definitley a challenge. I think this one will break the 14 day rule, it feels more like 14 years.


Well that's all folks, I hope that my words have at least brought you a chuckle or made you think about your habits !!










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Dorothy Lafrinere



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