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I am hoping to open your minds as to just how all  people do think different and are not all the same, but at the same time we are all striving for the exact same thing. That being a TRUE INNER PEACE ..Feelings of self & unconditional love.


I hope these questions will help you to look into ourselves and maybe observe yourselves in a different light..........



So,  tell me, why are good feelings so hard to find?  I mean we all love to laugh...right?


Why do we allow jealousy and low self-esteem and endless worries and non-real people to threaten us?


Do we have to be told every 5 minutes to smile and that we are all special, unique, sweet  people?


Do we really need to eat that cake or chocolate bar?


Do we really need to focus on things that have already caused us pain and anxiety in our minds?


Do we really need to compare ourselves with every other person on the block, so to speak?


Are we ever just going to be happy with US?


Do we really want to hurt the ones we love by torturing ourselves in plain view for them to witness?


Do we have to concentrate on issues til they die?


Why do we feel that it is so important to be accepted by others befeore we can accept our own selves?



These are what we, low self-esteemers  have to answer time and time again!


If only people really see how much we wish to be happy and laugh and feel all those positive confident feelings, they would be shocked.


We DO NOT let jealousy or worries or non-real people and for sure low self-esteem threaten us...They just do!


WHy wouldn`t we need to hear all those positive things, does one raise their children through negative thoughts...NOT..   We are not children but we are battling things that non low self-esteemers battle and yes we do need a bit more TLC.. guess what ..Its FREE!


 NO we do not need to eat that cake or candy bar, but if that is the only way we can feel good then it is what we will do. So we need to focus on different things to substitute that feeling, and we know this and we are working on this.


We never ever want to hurt anyone through our inner battles, but as we spend a lot of time with our loved ones, they eventually see us in our turmoil and try with no succession to help us. This is undoubtably one of the reasons that drives us to search for answers to get rid of our negative other mind.


No again NO, we only concentrate or over think things to try to get a hold of things and convince ourselves that we have no need to worry, although these efforts turn around on us and make us look obssessed and build walls between us and everone else.


 ..THE END..



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