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Self-esteem Information > Positive thinking: A key to a high self-esteem!


Positive thinking: A key to a high self-esteem!

Positive thinking: A key to a high self-esteem!

Is positive thinking the key to a higher self-esteem?
Does it take more than just positive thoughts to gain a higher self-esteem?

These questions were posed to me and I would like to share my thoughts on this with you. I have written a lot of articles regarding building ones self-esteem to a new height. A height that will give your self-worth a much needed boost. A self-worth that will let you walk with your head up high. A self-worth that will give you wings, so that you may soar freely like a bird. A self-worth that will radiate deep inside of you until it glows on the outside.

So do I think that positive thoughts are a key to a higher self-esteem? YES I most certainly do. Although in the same thought, it takes someone to put that key into the door and turn it. That being you. When you bake a cake, do you leave out the eggs or the butter? NO! Why? We all know that it takes more than one main ingredient to successfully get a good finished product. I know, I know, another silly analogy! But.... Positive thoughts have to be in your mind in order to replace the negative thoughts that try so hard to control you. They truly are the key that unlocks your inner powers and strengths that are needed to battle the negative thoughts.

As an example, I often wonder if television was never invented, would our state of self-esteem be so unanimously low. Then again, that is an after-thought which gets us nowhere fast. So let's concentrate on today and where we are at right now. We are in a world of a media that has found an easy way to make money. That being through sex. Hence the famous phrase. "SEX SELLS". More and more women are used to sell products, whether it is clothes, cars or music. In this example of negative thoughts, it all boils down to having the so called perfect image of a female body, which is used to entice and captivate the viewers into buying their product or boost their television ratings. Whatever the case may be, it is what plays the devils advocate in destructing our once high self-esteem. Our only defense lies inside of us.

I have an interesting comment to share with you from a member of womensselfesteem.com:
"Personal Change is hard, but it is possible. Can you change the fact that there will always be other women walking around on this planet? Can you change the fact that men are genetically wired to find the female body fascinating and beautiful? Of course you know you can't change these truisms, that nobody can.... but likewise, you need to realize these truisms are the reason you have a partner. Accept what you cannot change and change what you can...your own philosophies." Perny
Huggz, and thank you Perny.

This personal change that is mentioned above is exactly what I have been writing about for almost a year now. Our positive thoughts are what will strengthen our minds to allow that positive personal change to happen. We choose to think our thoughts. We choose to see certain things. So then why is it so hard for us to think away the negative elements that our world insists on pasting all over the place? We are given the power to choose. We can choose whether we want to lie down and die or get up and live. What is your choice going to be?

We are given the gift of the right to life. A right that is ours as an individual. If we were meant to be all equal, we would have been created in a cloning factory. We were not, so let's appreciate and accept our individuality. To do this, is a positive step towards opening that door of inner peace. There is so much information out there that I call "The Doors". Whether you pay for that door or you get lucky and find a free door. "The Doors" are there waiting for your key to open them.

Positive thoughts will never let you down. When you allow your mind to be controlled by positive thoughts, the sweet feeling of winning the battle is so addicting that you are driven to feel it again and again. To win is the ultimate high in any battle, but as in any fight, you have to want to win. You must put your best foot forward or you will lose. You will lose and have no one to blame but yourself.

Our minds are cunning and smart. As a negative power, your mind will drag you down and keep your there forever if you allow it. As a positive power, it will pull you up higher and higher. So high that nothing negative can reach you, ever. So again, it is your choice. There are two types of people, winners and losers. Which one are you?

Another important rule of thumb to battle the negative thoughts is energy. We need energy to give us the strength we need to maintain our walls of positive thinking. That is where our health comes into play. It is all so connected and can be a very vicious circle if we let it. The circle being, how we feel when we over eat or over indulge in any mind altering substance. We feel low, self-defeated and we have no desire to fight. Or we can look at it the other way; when our self-esteem is low, we will allow our bodies to indulge in all the negative health substances as I mentioned above. In effect, one will continue to flow into the other. It is like a merry-go-round of self-pity and self-worthlessness. These are the emotions that our negative thoughts continue to seed. We have only our positive thoughts that are strong enough to drown these seeds of destruction. We have the power to stay the course of positive thinking. We have "The Doors" or information on how to. We also have the key. What a lot of us lack is the confidence in ourselves to be able to deal with what is on the other side of that "Door".

That brings another thought to mind. Is it that you are somewhat afraid to commit to the challenges that are waiting for you behind those "Doors"? Is it fear of the unknown? Is it fear of the battle? Have you given up before you have even begun? Do you even know what it feels like to win? These things you will never know if you do not unlock that "Door" to positive thinking.


I can do everything in my power to share my thoughts how on important it is for you to use your key and open those doors. Do not fear the battle. You will fight, and yes, there will be times when you feel that you can fight no more. Do not give up! There is no glory in self-defeat. You already know this. That's why you are searching for answers right now. You hate feeling self-defeat. You are tired of all the negative thoughts. You want to feel positive. You want to enjoy the right to life that you have. You want to be proud to be YOU! Then JUST DO IT!

The bottom line here is, "YES". Your positive thoughts are the main key to a higher self-esteem. Without them, there is no win and no cake to eat either. On that note, I will end this article with a thought that I use as my light to the top of my mountain of self-worth!


If we choose to lie down and die then we will.
If we choose to fight and grow strong, then we will.
The hard part is not the choice one makes, but how one manages to carry that thought through.



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