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Say the phrase....'SO WHAT'!


Yes, it is I once again; here to titillate your brain cells with my very UNIQUE ways of thinking. So how’s that for an opening line?

If you don’t like it, my first thoughts to you are this…”SO WHAT”.

Actually I only said that to introduce an, “attitude phrase”. It is a very good positive reaction in defense of your self-esteem and self-worth. So many of us fall into the traps of pity and “woe is me”, which only ignites the fires of negative thoughts. They will do nothing but add fuel to those negativity fires in your mind.

I hear more and more, every day, from women who dig themselves deeper and deeper into personal pits of loneliness and self-abuse with negative thoughts. For some reason they would rather allow the negative elements of this world to control how to feel about themselves.
If someone came up to you and told you to stick your finger into your eye, would you?
I doubt it, chances are you would look at them like they are on drugs or are trying to be very funny.
So then why don’t women just treat negative thoughts that very same way?

Have you ever really just tried to blow stuff off, or turned the negative around to something that is just a joke and is more self benefiting? Again I doubt it, because if you put as much effort into turning the negative into the positive as you do digging your pit, it would definitely make a very quick turnabout into a much more positive you.

I am going to introduce you to my newest positive reaction self-esteem attitude phrase, “SO WHAT". This phrase has an amazing impact on how you deal with negative elements and thoughts. Think about it, if you were to shut thoughts down before they had the tiniest chance to seed into your mind unwanted negativity, wouldn’t you pay millions for it? I sure would, unfortunately most of us do not have millions to spend. Hmm, SO WHAT.

See how easy that was, I did not spend one second allowing that thought to enter my brain. The best part of this “attitude phrase” is it is ready to use any time you need it. There are no instructions needed and it requires no batteries. I want you to write it down and keep writing it until it becomes a part of your thinking. Paste it everywhere until it is engraved in your mind. Use this phrase in every single negative, threatening thought that comes your way. I also want you to begin to practice thinking just like this and saying: SO WHAT to your self.

That’s exactly what you should think every time you feel like you want to sink in that pool of self-pity. The sooner you paddle away from that water fall of negative thoughts, the faster you can reach the waters that go upstream.

Is what your first reaction should be to any situation that you find is making you feel uncomfortable. Breathe and breathe deep while saying SO WHAT over and over again.

If you are having a bad hair day and nothing wants to fit right that morning. It was perfect yesterday and it will be again tomorrow.

If someone doesn’t like how you dress or what body type you are. Outer body image is but a mere second of appreciation. It is who you are inside that makes a lasting relationship.

If you enter a room and it is full of women that you feel will threaten your inner security. Head up high, you are as UNIQUE as any one of them.

So what if your partner doesn’t seem to notice your new outfit or hairdo. You feel good, don’t you?

If you have been a victim of child abuse at some point in your life, this is who you are now, not then.

If you don’t get that job on the first try. There is no law that says you should, so “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

If you have fallen off of your wagon of self-discipline, whether it be in regards to exercise, over-eating, smoking, drinking, drug abuse or just complaining about stuff. The sooner you get back up and on the wagon, the less distance you have to run to catch up.

To all the negative garbage that this world is throwing at us every minute of every day. You have the power and the brain to CHOOSE your direction of negative or positive thinking.

If raising your self-esteem is not as easy as reading this article, there is not a single person that does not have to make an effort in bettering their inner self. There is no magic wand that we can wave that will put us in that happy place. But there is your ability to CHOOSE.

The key to a happier you is YOU, and it is YOUR responsibility to get YOU to that point. The very second that you figure this out, you will stop blaming every thing/ person for your low feelings and then you will to be able to take control of how YOU feel. As I have said so many times….”JUST DO IT”


Remember it and use it.....


 Dorothy L



COMMENT: I had to laugh as I was reading this article. In our family it has never been allowed to say "So!" Strange huh! It has considered a statement of "not caring what someone else thinks or feels"! And it is!
If it hurts no one and makes you feel better and though I'll be saying it under my breath.... "So What!"

COMMENT: It's interesting to read it. It reminds me of a therapist I went to once that said. Learn how to say "so what" and my dentist says "who cares".






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