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I am back, after a few days of  vacationing with family. Weather was awesome, the beach was full of nasty jelly-fish, yuk! All-in-all, life has been good. I hope life has been as good for all of you.

Well I will start this article out by telling you that I did ROAR with CONFIDENCE when I was on vacation. I went to the beach several times and trust me, to walk the beach and play with a child and race her in nothing more than a small bathing suit, is a total ROAR for this girl. We seem to be constantly looking for an easy way out to gain confidence. I hate to share this reality check people, but confidence is something that we already have and have always had since our cute little butts were spanked at birth. Look no further, I have looked up the dictionary meaning of CONFIDENCE for your minds to grasp, here it is:


confi-dence...1. full trust:belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing.      2 .belief in oneself and one`s powers or abilities: self-confidence: self-reliance, assurance which implies faith in oneself.


As you can see there, it is all inside of your head. You must belief in you. First and foremost, you must trust you and your abilities to survive with greatness and good feelings about who you are, what you look like, how you think, how you love, how you deal with unexpected events, but most of all how you continue to build your inner confidence, even when the going gets tough. There are so many outer elements that continue to test our inner confidence, that it's no wonder we scramble at the best of times to smile, when we just want to scream. I have spoken of a few throughout my blogs: television, videos, reality shows, climbing of the "corporate ladder", society`s constant attack on aging, over weight people, and please do not forget about the children.

Children are faced with fears that threaten their confidence all the time. They fear their parents will look down on them for not having the best grades. They fear their peers will toss them to the curb if they do not follow. They hear continuously how messed up their world has become, and how it is teaching them negative things. How can that not weaken their CONFIDENCE. It would kill mine. I'm just happy that I was strong enough to know the difference between WWF wrestling, cartoons and real life.

 To ROAR with CONFIDENCE is as effective as telling the world to BITE ME! I love to say that as you all know.(winks) CONFIDENCE  is not easy to keep strong, when we feel threatened inside, or we feel our relationship is being threatened. We immediately feel it is us, that are at fault, which in turn strikes down our confidence.

 We need to trust in ourselves, trust that we know what we want and what is good for us. Your life is not suppose to be a debate on how you should fit in, or whether someone tells you how to look or feel about you. You are your life. Your lack of confidence removes you from who you are meant to be. Trusting and having CONFIDENCE  in you does not mean that you will always be right about things, but it does give you strength to overcome your doubts, low self-esteem and correct your wrongs and rise above the lesser you.

 I sometimes wonder why people do what they do. Is it because they lack confidence and feel that any type of attention will build their self-esteem?  Or is it that they truly just do not care anymore and let themselves be the joke of the moment?  I have the seen women in internet porn.(research purposes only) Now this is my opinion, so bear with me here: I am in no way judging anyone, but I do want to reach out to them and tell them there are better ways to build up confidence and  feel wanted and appreciated. For the women that fall into the prostitution world and feel that is the only way to stardom; when did they lose their respect and self-esteem and when did they become afraid to ROAR with CONFIDENCE? Women that have been scorned and throw themselves away literally to the bar scene, where they become a piece of meat and are treated worse than a dog, you know that you are not happy there and that those roads to better feelings are not the right roads. How can one respect themselves if they have no strength to ROAR with CONFIDENCE? I cry for all women that have fallen into the traps of feeling that attention will bring them higher. They will never find their freedom to ROAR with CONFIDENCE if they continue to depend on anything or anyone outside of themselves to get them there.

 You need to save yourselves. You stay in negative environments where you feel threatened because you need so much acceptance that you have been mislead to believe that it will strengthen your CONFIDENCE.  You were born with what you need to save you!  DO NOT wait for help. Help yourself. Do not cry to be rescued, it will not happen. YOU and you alone, have to make that climb. Just trust your feelings and follow them. Trust that you alone, can give yourself all the strength to ROAR with CONFIDENCE.

  I am hoping, that through my website and these written thoughts, that some women out there will wake up and see that they are unique without all the negative attention they feel is the way.  Just be YOU! You can only be your best as being you. Not by following someone else`s standards, but only fulfilling your own. Love you first and most. Strive to ROAR with CONFIDENCE and DO NOT let anyone take you down. 

 You are you, and that in itself is a very special gift that no one else has. The more I believe in me, the easier it is for me to grow stronger inside and fight all the negative elements that I come across day after day. Life is not easy, nor does it come with any promises. As I have said so many times, "What does not kill you, will only make you stronger".  Live those words people and I mean it when I say it, " ROAR with CONFIDENCE". It truly is a feel good tip. (ROARZ)


I seek myself in everything I do.

I find myself.

I dream my dreams wherever I go.

I become myself.




• 7/28/2005 - ROAR!

Posted by Impressive I ROAR back. Thank you again for another impressive read!

• 7/30/2005 - Untitled Comment

Posted by Anthony Great site, keep it up.

• 7/30/2005 - I am ROARING!

Posted by Riley Hey Dorothy, this is a great article. I am going to ROAR all day today!





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