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Battles against Media's idea of  "The Perfect Woman"


Battles against Media's idea of The Perfect Woman


The Dove Girls!-  Real Women


The never ending battle against the Media and it`s bogus idea of the "PERFECT WOMAN".


Lately I have been studying the media, reading articles, watching news, and looking for anything that I can find to make me feel that there is still hope for our world. If you have read any of my past articles, then you will already know where my concerns lie.

For those of you that are just reading me for the first time, my concerns are strong regarding women of today and their search for the true identity of themselves.

Women today have fierce competition. I have spoken to many men also and they have strongly let me know that they would not trade their gender for any amount of money. They actually feel sorry for the women of today. A few of them even shared with me that they hate the fact that everywhere they look, the media's idea of, "The Perfect Women" is stuck in their faces. Sure its nice to see, any human being will appreciate a nice looking picture. What happens at that very minute though is that they (the men) are put in a situation of feeling that they are betraying their partner by not knowing exactly how to react. I know, I know, some of you are thinking that it is the women's fault that the men think that way. I will agree in some cases, but these men that I have spoken to were being quite genuine in the fact that they themselves did not appreciate it.

In reality and having to choose the worst of the two evils....I will be the first one to say yes to prostitution. Why? Because it keeps the damn rapists of the streets from attacking the unwilling women. I say yes to pornography; it keeps the men that are afraid to approach real women relieved of a very needed natural release. I also say yes to alcohol and to chocolate with ice cream in moderation!
My dear readers, before you frown on me for what I just said, hear me say this. "I do not condone the force and uncontrolled manor with which the media shoves all this down our throats. I thought this was a free country. When did we lose the right to choose whether we want to have the media's idea of, "The Perfect Woman", shoved down our throats every time we turn on the television, walk into a bar, just drive down the road (billboards), open a magazine, listen to a song, or even simply look in our teenagers room."

I was reading an article that was advertising the new television line ups for that years fall season. I was horrified when I read about the graphic violence being used against women. Episodes showing a woman thrashing in a cage, with duct tape across her eyes, while a man's hands are shown grabbing her bloodied fingers through the bars of the cage and ripping off her fingernails. Another is chained up like a dog in a basement by her so called loving husband. It gets worse; there is also one with a woman paralyzed by venomous spider bites and is being raped by a masked figure. These are what society is allowing for after dinner viewing. I am embarrassed to even say that this is my world seeing this. They made more noise when Janet Jackson slipped a peak of her nipple at a damn football game. In a word...SAD!! The media has definitely figured out how to make money at every woman's expense.

I also ran into an article trying to cut this refreshing change down. The magazine people that pride themselves on using air-brushed models with unrealistic looks, called the Dove girls in this commercial, "civilians". Ha! Now that is a very obvious show of defeat. They're even trying to say that women of today will not want to buy from ads that do not promise you unrealistic beauty. Ladies, the media is in fact calling you stupid as far as I read. I take that as an out right insult.

It's about time that someone stood up and gave the media's negative actions a run for their money. Money made at real women's expense, as I said already once. They also mention something as silly as women these days, "worry if they looked fat in their pants, as being an old age insecurity". This is ridiculously false as many different aged women who worry about if they look fat DO NOT have old age insecurities! Yet another media shot at being 20+!!!

. I am also curious just how far women today are willing to let the media's idea of "The Perfect Woman" go. We are already the butt-end of the cosmetic surgery joke. I feel that the only reason any woman would be turned off by Dove's real women, is because they have been so brain washed into thinking that the media's idea of "The Perfect Women" is what is real. I feel sorry for them. Ladies of today, we must stand up and fight back. Do not let them turn, what is suppose to be real, into Barbie dolls.

So many women are confused about what is, and what is not. Why do you think so many women suffer from low self-esteem, with cosmetic surgery at every street corner and so many unrealistic expectations coming to us from the media on how a women is suppose to look? Blah, blah. It's no wonder women are so confused.

Well I know that there is strength in numbers and I do know that there are more women today that are sick of all of the media's ideas. Ladies with low-self esteem, stand up, go to the store, and support DOVE. So what? They make money and yes, maybe there is a bit of truth that they too are using us as a way to profit. But at least we have a place to start to turn things around. We will never be able to turn them back, but we can make them work for us, not against us. Oh if anyone thinks that Dove has asked me, or payed me to speak of them in my blog, NO and NO. I am speaking on behalf of every women out there has been damaged by all the garbage that the media is trying to run our world with.
Media is all about profiting!
Ladies...please, please understand that every time you allow them to poison your positive thoughts...they are taking money right out of your pocket. It is all about profit margins....it has nothing to do with your life!



 "Don't back down just to keep the peace,


 Stand up for your beliefs builds self-confidence and self-esteem."







 • 8/23/2005 - Agree and Disagree

• 8/23/2005 - I agree also

Posted by Anonymous
I agree!! The Dove ads give me hope that society can get past the unrealistic look at women.. We as women are guilty too. We buy into it as much as men.
I disagree that prostitution will eliminate rape. Rape is an act of POWER not SEX.
Great Blogs...keep up the good work...

• 8/23/2005 - Rape comment!

Posted by Mary Jane
The media for the most part has no idea what reality is. We, as women and society in general, should tell them exactly what we think and have them advertise to us what we want. What we want is our real. I think I'll go to the store and buy some soap now.

• 8/24/2005 - WOW!

Posted by
I am not saying that prostitution eliminates rape at all. I also agree that rape is power and control. But I strongly believe that prostitution does curb a lot of unecessary actions by men. Thank you very much for your thoughts.

by Dorothy on 8/23/2005

• 8/24/2005 - Rape!!!

Posted by mommyrn
Dorothy, I am one of those real women. I am curvy and not a size 6. Thank you love! I also agree that prostitution may give an outlet for those deviates but its not always about having a willing participant. In the end, it is the power trip that wins out. Why 'rape' a prostitute and have to pay for it when they can go find a school marm innocently sleeping in bed? Rapist are not going to find a whore. The hunt, stalking and planning is a part of the power trip.

• 8/27/2005 - I agree

Posted by Dorothy
Hey Dierdre...thanx for your thoughts. If I had thought my comment on rape was going to get me this much excitement, damn . I think I will do a blog on it. Although as you have said rape is definitely in its own corner. I was not trying in any way to make rape sound that easy to eliminate in our world. I mainly meant that prostitution does offer a service for some very needy not so lucky males in our world. Which I beleive does curb the temptation of forced sex. Rape is wrong and men that rape are sick and should be punished accordingly. Also it does no favours for mankind in the female mind. SO until I do put out a blog on rape, I will say no more.
Posted by Mickey
Hey, D.I see the commercial all the time. I have also read the article you refer to, and I have to say the only comment in the article that I considered possibly valid is "What about those women who don't look as good as these 'real' women. I have to say, when I look at them, I think, "i look that good in my clothes, but not in my undies." As far as Dove goes though, I say keep it up, its still waaay more real than anything else on tv. Even reality tv only has pretty people or freaks. lol Love u girl


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