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HMMM, now that I have my own articles section, I have been doing a ton of research as to whats out there and I was not really impressed by whats out there thats related to  GOOD STUFF!


It is no wonder there is so much low self-esteem rushing through our blood. For every 1 article or book on positive thinking there are at least 10 if not more articles and books on pure negative subjects.


I don`t know about anyone of you out there but that truly scares me to death. In just a few weeks that I have been posting my thoughts, I have had so many people writing me and thanking me for adding something worth reading for their positive lists.


I really felt the` ug `pang when I was trying to find some positive music videos for my site/blog. There is like nothing out there. Its no wonder, as I said earlier , that so many women are trying to hide.


All the videos are geared to send a sexual message across, and... NO...I am not bashing anything or anyone, so whoever is quick to use that saying as a cop out, 'BITE' me... because I am literally stating a fact here.  Speaking of which, if anyone out there does have any suggestions for good ,classy, positive music videos, please to share with me and call me a liar on this topic.


I remember when videos first came out and I hated them. My first thought was that someone was trying to do my thinking for me. At that point thats where most people lost their own visuals to music. I would watch a video and think, what the hell does that have to do with the damn song, NADA. But obviously there are people out there that do not want to think on their own, so I guess videos were a plus for them.


Then the music videos just got more and more nakid, and so did the rest of the world. 

Magazines never ever show a real person any more. All the females and males are fixed to look like Barbie and Ken. A total unrealistic portrait of real people.  Yes I KNOW they are not real, but as there are people that want to be told to think , there are people that beleive everything they see on television and in magazines.

I guess I could say that maybe just maybe people think like that because they just wish so much to live in a perfect world that if they beleive what society tells them , then thats as close to one that they will get.


Well thats just sad. When I see and hear  how many people are suffering out there because of all this unreal negative stuff that is stuck in our faces 24 hours a day, I just want to scream. Where will it all end.  Cosmetic surgery is like getting ones nails done these days. There are more diets out there than there are coffee shops. The porn out there is an insult to mankind, and I am not talking just adult stuff here people, I am taking it to the bottom line, our kids. Sorry to drop that one on you but yuppers, porn has now taken our children. As I said insulting and damn inhuman.


 So as you can tell, my venture into finding some good stuff has made me sad and upset in many areas. We real people have to stick together and work very hard to create GOOD SUFF, I know we can do it and we will rise above all the unrealistic pressures that our money hungry negative society is trying to brainwash us with.


 It all starts with looking in the mirror and smiling at YOU, because as I have said so many times, YOU are UNIQUE. Do not let them take that away from you because you are a living breathing person, and that  video and magazine airbrushed thing is not real. Mere low class entertainment at best .


 The video that I am sharing with you, touched me so hard that I felt compelled to show people that this is exactly how one feels when thier self-esteem is crushed!


People think GOOD STUFF and create GOOD STUFF so we can have a much better society. After all we all have to share it.!









• 6/17/2005 - let's DO SOMETHING

• 6/18/2005 - WAY!

Posted by Stacy
If we all know these things about the media...why can't we change it?
I would rather that my daughter doesn't have to battle all these unrealistic expectations in her future.....

• 6/18/2005 - optimism

Posted by Anonymous






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Posted by Amanda
Striving for perfection is our aim in life. It's a long and windy road, but oh so sweet when optomism is shining its light.


Dorothy Lafrinere



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