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Small Pleasures! Big Smiles!



Here in Florida it is actually sunny and dry. Which is a good thing because we do not need any more water. We will soon have enough of that with the nasty hurricanes that are suppose to drop in on us this season. YUK!  Last year I had catfish swimming in my driveway! Talk about dinner at your doorstep, except for the fact that the water was coming from my neighbors horse corral. No thanks, think I will pass. Anyway, on to another one of my "need to share my thoughts with you",  blogs.





Some would say that my thoughts are serious, some will say my thoughts are very deep, and some will even say that my thoughts are always picking on the world. Wonder why I would do that? HMMMMM!



My title," Small pleasures! Big Smiles!",  came to me the other day, and has not left my mind since. It happened when I saw this 3 day old, new little person. I was so at awe with how tiny this little person was that all I could do was smile. My whole body felt a tingle with that "Big Smile"! So I have been wanting to share some of my small pleasures that give me big smiles, and maybe they will put a smile on your face.






Think about a child's laugh. It is so genuine and fresh that you cannot help but smile. It can make even the biggest, meanest, bully turn to jello. 


The sound of a child's laughter is so unique, it cannot be matched.

Walking on the beach and seeing little people in their big shorts and cute frilly bathing suits as they toddle around, doing what they so love to do in the sand, always adds a "Big Smile" smile on my face, and makes me feel so good. 

When I go for an early morning run, just to the smell  the air and  feel of the sun warming up on my face sends such a euphoric sensation throughout my body, I cannot help but smile.

The sounds of the birds calling to their moms for food, and the slight breeze that carries the smells of the damp forest, makes my whole body break out in smiles.

HA! I just thought of goosebumps as being smiles all over your body! (sweet)

Oh, and coffee first thing in the morning is just amazing." Big Smiles" here. They say that 80% of our appetite is satisfied by our smells. I know that some of you reading this are shaking your heads.(wink) How about the smell of fresh sheets, or towels, MMM!! 

My favorite, is certain men's aftershave (yummy), or some very nice body oils (sexy).

Have you ever wondered why everyone likes the smell of freshly cut grass?

To be human is to be unexplained! It is confusing more times than not, being of the human mind. This adds challenge to our daily lives. We need to be challenged in order to grow. I mean, if we did not ever have bad feelings or bad days, how would we appreciate the, "Small Pleasures" in our lives. We would have to read about them in a book, because we would have no clue what they really were. Even then we would probably have no books to read. There would be experiences to write about.

Another "Small Pleasure"  that brings "Big Smiles" is finding a real good book to read, one that captivates you till the end. You know the type, you eat, do laundry, talk on the phone and never put down the book. "Big Smiles".







Then there are certain people that are just crazy and happy enough to give you that "Big Smile". You may not even know them or they just may be someone you see periodically. A friend has this neighbor. Every time I see him outside, he always manages to make me smile. He is truly just a nut-bar. I asked if this guy was always happy like that and I was told that he was, but he apparently has the intelligence of a 5 year old. I thought, how nice it would be to be 5 again and my biggest worry would be, what cartoon was on. Just to be worry free, stress free, schedule free, and to not understand what our world is about, just for 1 week would be such a, "Small pleasure! Big smile!" 







Knowing you are loved by your children and/ or your partner is one of the greatest small pleasures we can experience in our lives. To give that love back is even a better small pleasure. We all know that we all yearn to receive and to give love. It is one of the nicest things in our world.(HUGGZ)





 I almost forgot, for me, at night, my small pleasure is a bowl of goldfish (those little cracker things) and a glass of wine. This is truly good for you! (wink) I sip and crunch with a "Big smile"!!




Posted by Anonymous...

The last woman I was involved with was quite full of herself. So then why did she dump me?

• 7/9/2005 - Innocence remembered

Posted by mommyrn Thank you, Dorothy! My very pregnant daughter had our little person on Friday. Victor Allen. He is cute as a button and I had that big smile on my face. Thank you for reminding us of all that is good and innocent in the world. Deirdre








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