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Creating positive thinking habits is truly a re-learning, or re-training process of the mind. The more you practice the easier and more automatically your mind will accept positive thoughts over negative ones. Ever heard the saying, "Practice makes Perfect"? Well it is not a popular saying for no reason.

It is not going to happen over night. We all know that Rome was not built in a day and as I have said SO many times throughout my articles, "Nothing worth having, comes easy". If it does, it's what I call, a quick fix for the moment or a band-aid. We all know that bandages fall off or have to be changed and quick fixes are temporary.

One of the members in my self-esteem forum made this very good point in one of  her posts, regarding how she can maintain her thoughts of positive self-esteem for only minutes at a time. She then falls out and lands right back into her rut of negative thinking.

Ladies, there are very few people that are up all the time. We all have our lows. We may not show them on an outward appearance. I have not yet met a person that would not like to better or change something inside themselves.

To change a habit is somewhat like being a beginner runner. You can only do short sprints at first. Your breathing has to be trained to learn how to endure the demand of the run. As do our negative habits/positive habits. We have to start by keeping our mind in positive form.

At first we will have control for maybe 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, then 1 hour. Then we will fall out of our training altogether for a day or maybe even two and have a real hard time just hanging onto 1 minute. OK..now get up and keep going as if nothing has happened other than a bump on the road. This is an important part of your training; your ability to continue your focus on your goal.

That's all normal and part of any type of training. Every time you fall out of your training, it strengthens you for the next fall out. You will only gain from your mistakes, if you choose to. Your choices being either to stay down or get up.


Staying down will only ensure failure as opposed to getting back up, which will strengthen your will to reach your goal.

Eventually as you continue training, you will realize one day that you have actually gone 1 day, or 2 days with only 5 minutes or 10 minutes of fallout time. You will also rejoice in the realization that your positive thinking is now at the front of your mind instead of being stuck in the back. You will have trained your thoughts to be primarily positive as opposed to the negative ones that you started out with.

We will always have a few negative thoughts, because we are not perfect, but we will definitely be in control of which thoughts we want. So Stacy sweetie and all you ladies that are in-training or re-learning,  hang in there. If you can do 5 minutes of positive self-esteem thoughts, then you are already part way into your training.

Remember also Ladies, it is not always you, that falls out. We have a very challenging world out there to battle with every waking moment. We are being faced with challenging negative situations time after time. Think of these as exercises that continue strengthening your positive thinking habits. See I just turned a negative into a positive for you!

If you fall, get up and do not dwell on that fall. Remember, it just long enough to strengthen your next fall.

I have been training my self for almost a full year now and I am almost past a half way point. At this point I am into the automatic control and I luv it.

At this point your mind switches negative to positive without being directed to.

We are all working toward the same goal and we will win this battle. Together through supporting each other, we will get to the top of that mountain.

I have seen so many of you change since I first met you. This makes me smile and gives me strength to keep climbing. Thank You All!

Positive thought training is part of life. There are many reasons to use this method of overcoming negative thoughts. So please read these words and try to fit them into your situation at hand. Also keep in mind that, it is like any other exercise. It takes a few months to even start to show benefits, but it truly is worth the consistence it demands of you.


We are talking about you here. You brush your teeth every morning and every evening, don`t you? You shower every day to smell clean, don`t you? You apply makeup to freshen your face, don`t you? You make sure that you eat enough during the day to fuel your body, don`t you? Some of you already exercise to stay fit so you feel good about yourself, don`t you? HMMMMM!! So then why is it so hard to change your negative thought habits to become a more positive feeling You? You want it, you know how to get it and you have the ability, so just do it!


"It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts."

Robert H. Schuller







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