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I have touched on a few emotions, through my blogs, and the reason, why, is simple. 


Emotions are real.

People are real...

Feelings are real...

Growing old is real...

Falling in love is real...

Loss is real...

Dying is real...

I feel that people are lost, and do not even know where to turn anymore in this world. They have forgotten who they are or what they are suppose to feel. They do not even remember how to respect themselves. 



I watch people desperately search for who they think they should be, in all the wrong places. Watching television or reading all the latest fashion magazines, taking in all the literal crap that society is brainwashing them with, constantly trying to mold themselves into what society is portraying as real.



Why are women today worried so damn much about their weight?  It is to the point of ridiculousness. There are so many young girls suffering from Bulimia and Anorexia. Two very fatal, and dangerous diseases. I want to know why. Also tell me why magazines advertise beautiful, unrealistic, perfectly shaped females, selling their product? Is it not to subliminally brainwash women and girls to connect skinny with beauty and unrealistic perfect bodies? Oh, and then we have cosmetic surgery at every corner. You may as well drop in at the corner cafe and have your tummy tucked while you enjoy your coffee. Yes, that is seriously not far from the truth.



Our kids watch videos that fill their heads with what others want them to believe, and I know I have mentioned this once before. It just really boggles my mind why we even let society get this far.

Are we not intelligent beings? 

Why are our girls selling their bodies on the streets?

Does it make them feel special? NOT!

Are they so starved for attention that they do not even see how wrong that kind of attention is?

I remember when a movie was very popular; "Pretty Woman". Facts showed that prostitution rose high just after that movie hit the theaters. It portrayed a young woman, who through trying to save money to further her education, fell into prostitution. Being a Hollywood movie though, she fell in love with a rich, handsome guy. They married and lived happily ever after. NOT REAL!

Unfortunately, many girls fell for that whole "Cinderella" story and found out that it was not such a happily ever after story when it came to reality. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! WHY? Is it because they were not taught that television was make believe? Is it the fault of the parents for letting them watch television? Or is it the fault of television and its makers? Those people are rich at your children's expense; at our expense. 

 Why do women fear aging?

Why are they ashamed of their age?

 Who says that life ends at a certain age?

Is it the same people that tell us that we have to weigh this much, and if we don`t, we are unacceptable, and we should feel ashamed of who we are and what we look like?


Again, I ask, Where has our self respect gone? 

Who Are we?

Who were we?

Do these questions ever cross your mind?

Are you happy in your skin?

Are you content  to spend an evening with just you?

If you are, then you are happy in your skin. Its people that cannot stand their own company that are really mixed up, as to who they are. They need constant approval from people and to have that, they need to be around others all the time. These are sad times. Our minds are confused with whats real and whats not real. We are at the mercy of society`s whip.



Women's self-esteem has severely become an issue all over the world. Young girls dieing from eating disorders. Women getting beaten and raped due to a false sense of trust. Money seems to be a real devils advocate. People do anything for the sound of "cha-ching". The sad thing is, that will never ever change; not in the big picture anyway. We can however change it all in our small corners and eventually the small corners will spread to bigger ones and on and on. We must start somewhere! There are many good sources and organizations that are battling society`s reach. We can do it in our homes with our children. Monitor television. Do not let television raise your children. Know where your daughter is and who she is with.


First, we must correct ourselves, by knowing who we are and being happy in our skin. When we can love and respect ourselves, and only then, can we teach others to do the same. Knowledge is power, and we have the knowledge. It is how we choose to use it that will make all the difference in this world. We must clean out the old, before we can find room for the new, so people, start cleaning up for everyone's sake. We are setting this world in place for our children's children. Do you ever look at it that way? Our world is going to be their foundation. So far I am not proud of it. It feels like a very unsafe foundation. I am trying to do my part in cleaning things up through my website.


What are you doing?


That's it, that's all folks!  From my thoughts to yours, I leave with with this food for thought!



"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of
thoughts, therefore guard them accordingly: and take care
that you entertain NO notions unsuitable to virtue, and 

reasonable nature





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