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Self-esteem Information > You Can Control Your Eating!

You can control your eating!

You can control your eating!

Is this you?

"I have known for some time that I have this compulsive binge over eater problem... To what degree does one have to hurt before the problem becomes a reality and not just "OK, some day I'll get to it?"


Or is this you?

 "I CANNOT get a mindset for the eating thing... One bite and I roller coaster through every food group known to man and every junk food item from here to everything land...this is driving me insane!"


Have you felt like this?

 "I know I have a hard trek in front of me... I have most of the tools to do the work, such as knowledge, but I don't know how and where to begin... Food is everywhere... Food is needed... I am not sure what people mean when they say abstain... Abstain from what? I get the food plan thing, but that doesn't stop me from having more."


All of these concerns are from a member in my website. She is distressed and frustrated to the point where she is truly crying out for help. I have written back to her in my women's self esteem forum and I will tell you basically what I told her.


I have also been receiving quite a bit of mail asking for help in regards to over eating, binge eating and even desperate cries for help as to where does one start to help themselves. I keep arriving at the same conclusion. Most people seem to have gained the basic knowledge to get their body on a healthier road, such as consulting a doctor and reading tons of articles on weight loss. Lets not forget all those well paid testimonials that are out there to lure us into buying diet pills. Pills that eventually burn your insides out. Nothing good ever comes out of taking diet pills. But what you really are neglecting here is your something from your inner self. Your mind set is not quite there yet. You have to really want it to do it. Your doctor and your friends and all the literature in the world is pointless if you do not truly make a commitment to you to get yourself into new lifestyle habits.


Where over eating is concerned, you first begin with simply cutting everything in half. No fancy measuring of an ounce here and an ounce there. Just cut everything in half. I have mentioned this many times throughout my articles relating to healthy habits and also to people when they question me on the "Where do I start" step. Once you practice that step, your stomach will in turn shrink. Eventually you will not be able to eat more than half of what you started out with. Then you begin to monitor what you eat.

Another new habit. Learning to train your mind as to what is good food and what is bad food is similar to training your mind to create positive thoughts and delete negative ones. I write so much regarding habits. Habits are what we need to change in so many aspects of our lives. I believe that people spend too much time and energy looking for reasons to stay on the negative habit road.


There is a lot of research that tells us that a large portion of our inner issues stem from our past. OK, so now move on. You have identified the problem, now fix it. Why do we continue to torture ourselves and keep our bodies and minds in a suffering mode? If your car started to break down, would you continue to drive it and allow it to get worse, knowing that it is very unsafe? NO Not many of us would. We would fix it. We fix all things that threaten our safety. If we took half of that energy and put it into getting ourselves on the positive road, we would already be half way there.

You know what your habits are, good and bad. You also know how to change them. It all begins with your decision to commit to positive habits. We have managed to send men to the moon. Surely we can manage to control our own minds!

When someone has an eating disorder, they tend to use food different reasons, instead of the one reason they should eat, which is for fueling ones body. These people tend to use it as a comfort. Food fills a void that they do not understand but crave. People will eat out of boredom, or even frustration. Some even eat when they are happy, just because they are happy. Do you ever notice when you linger at the dinner table, you will eat even when you are full? Or just because someone else has not finished yet, eating to socialize. All of these are the wrong reasons and very negative eating habits.


There is not one single habit that is easy to break or retrain. In order to better yourself, you must take action. Your habits will not happen because you complain about it. They will not change because your doctor has told you that you have an eating disorder. They will certainly not change if you do not end the bad negative habits.

When we decide to commit to replacing negative habits with positive ones, our entire mind set changes in other areas also. Our self-esteem and confidence begins to shine right through all the old negative ways. You must also not dwell on your negative thoughts. Just change them to something positive as fast as they enter your mind. I used pop-ups on the computer as an example in one of my past articles on habit changing. Just think of your negative thoughts and desires as very nasty pop-ups. Whats the first thing that you do when you get one? You delete it, not giving it second thought. Well, this is exactly how you begin to switch your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. I kid you not! It is very possible to do this.


I took this post from my healthy living forum. It's a reply to a similar cry for help.

"Getting started with your change is tough, and believe me it is tough. It takes courage, determination, motivation, and a will to live life better, but it is so worth it! Taking action to change your life is scary, but the change can be wonderful! You have to take action, period! That's the key."

 Thank you and Huggz MJ (wse member).

I will say it again, you have to COMMIT and WANT it. Have faith in your ability to control yourself. This is why we were given the gift of thoughts. So cherish that gift and stop abusing yourself through neglect. You can do it. *JUST DO IT* One day, or one minute at a time. It will take time to create the positive habits and yes, you will fall a lot at first. The most important action here, is to get up and just go forward again. Do not dwell on your failures or they will drain your energy that you need to continue your climb. Just get up, brush off the dirt and keep moving forward.

I know you can do it. Control your eating.








Take action in being a better and healthier you!


The difference between the possible and the impossible lies in a person's determination."

-Tommy Lasorda




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