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 Feel Good Tips!


Life tends to overwhelm us over and over again. We seem to focus on the more negative things life throws our way. This can be very wearing on our relationships, so what we need to do is be aware of this fact, first and foremost. Then we have to sit and really think about a few things that we can do to battle against that happening.


We should start with the nicest feel good thing, and that is touch. For couples, touch each other, even if it is just as you pass by. Cuddling is a good way of touching. Well you all know I am all for HUGGING!!! Run your hand down your partners back. That's a very sweet touch. Through their hair is a definite feel good touch. Intimacy is the sweetest way to share your relationship with your partner. It needs no ears, it needs no eyes. It just needs touch. So touch someone and feel good!


Respecting one another and giving each other space, when you feel it is much needed, is  truly a show of love. Being there to just listen.when they are ready to talk after they have had a bad day, is totally a good thing too.


We all love receiving gifts. I actually love giving them more. I love pleasing and watching my partners response. Surprises are not just for children. They show love in a quiet way. When you surprise someone with a tiny gift, even just a card, it kind of whispers to that person how much you love them. Those little surprises also keep the romance in your life, and we all know how that can fade away with our everyday craziness. Just to know that your loved one was actually thinking of you for no reason and took time to surprise you, is a very sweet and loving thing. Show me the love!(wink)


Compliments are always nice to get or to give. I personally have a problem receiving those. It's just how I am. Giving your sweetie a compliment in front of others is even sweeter. It sends a message of truly appreciating them and shows that you have pride your relationship.


Funny how bad habits can lean the other way. We can easily fall into the trap of attacking them in front of others and hurting their feelings. DO NOT DO THAT!  If you happen to fall into a disagreement, have some class and do it with tenderness and love and always follow it up with a compliment, ASAP.


This is one we all are guilty of and that is judging their ideas, or turning them down when they are just starting to tell you about them. When you are at this point, stop for a minute and think about what they are trying to share. Then if you still are against it, tell them softly and with a smile. We all think differently and we do not all share the same opinions and that's cool. It is how we send that message across that determines the outcome of that conversation. Its all about self-esteem. Soft and loving ways of communication help to raise ones esteem. It also usually leads to a very nice touch or HUG! (prrz)


Ignoring the other person or treating them like they are not there is a very, very hurtful thing to do. It is down right mean. Even if you are angry at them, try to remember, this is the one you love, and the one that loves you. There is a saying; "You only hurt the ones you love". Well it's time to change that saying. "Love the one you love"!


Yes, its OK to get angry and state your anger to your significant other if they caused you some pain. We all have to do that at times, but just remember that your mate also feels bad for making you angry. Think about not having that person ever again and maybe that will help you to not let the meanness creep in.


Here is a hard one for me. Shut your mouth and open your ears.(eek)Justto know you are being heard is such a good feeling. But to also know you are being understood is totally awesome. These are very important things to a good communication which leads to, you know what?   Mhm..HUGGZZ


Ever hear of the small voice as opposed to the big voice? Well use your small voice as much as you can. Over half of our communication is based on sound levels or tones. When we keep our sound levels soft, we keep our partners ears open and this allows them to hear us. This keeps our messages flowing and communication open. Many tense discussions are solved this way.


I love you", are the three most important words a person understands. They are music to our ears and we all love good music. So just say it, now and every day.


One thing about saying those three words; say them, like you mean them. That is a very good thing!


What do we crave when we are down and out?  What do we yearn for when we feel trapped in a pit of loneliness?  Support, love, patience, understanding and last but not least.....HUGZ for all!


So all my sweet readers I leave you a quote that I find fitting for my thoughts that I have shared with you today.

To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance" -Oscar Wilde






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