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 Her Cries for help are Real!!

 Throughout my dealings with women from all over the world, I have met so many that are in a prison of pain and frustration due to communication failure. Through my website, they search desperately for a way out of this prison. They want so desperately to be heard. They are suffering from within which makes it that much harder to see. So many women are flawless and strong on the outside meanwhile they are dying on the inside.

Her Cries for Help can be for many reasons...low-self-esteem, fear of failure, low self-confidence... which then turns every other women into a huge personal threat, in turn we have jealousy in control, hormonal disruptions, life's expectations, fear of aging....ect!

Her Cries for Help are genuine. She is not inventing her worries, nor is she so bored with her life that she is imagining things and creating her own miseries.  


Her Cries for Help are more  times than not,  misinterpreted as nonsensical emotions, even PMS. They are even viewed as insecurities. Some even become very defensive towards, "Her Cries for Help", and take it as a personal attack of mistrust


Her Cries for Help, are not without reason or rhyme. How can anyone actually believe that a person would  deliberately cause so much upheaval in a love relationship over and over again?  Who has the issues there? I have to wonder sometimes, exactly who is being deliberate? 


These women are in constant conflict with uncontrollable emotions. They not only have to try to disconnect from their own person within, but they have to try to interpret them to an outsider and can only hope that person can hear, "Her Cries for Help", through her words.


These women are in need of an understanding, that it is not them. This ugly reaction is a serious attempt to reach out to you for help. When something occurs time and time again, do you not start to wonder if maybe there is something more to her reaction than just what's on the surface? Surely a person that claims to love, cherish, and endure all negative and positive would know that the love of their life is in some kind of turmoil that she cannot escape. So then why do you assume everything from PMS, to mistrust? Is it not so obvious that she is not willingly hurting your relationship? Is it not obvious that she is in a hold of some kind that is controlling her? Can you not see how much, seeing you in confusion is tearing her apart piece by piece? Do you not think that she knows her reactions are causing a wall separating your ability to reach out to her?


Pretend for one moment that you are gagged and hand tied and someone else is speaking and acting for you. You can see them and you can hear what they are saying, but cannot do anything about it. You can see your loved one suffering from the intruders acts. Your guts are wrenching because you are in fact unable to stop it. This is maybe a little bit of what she feels like when her emotions entrap and imprison her and cause her to react in ways that boggle your mind.


Her love for you was in fact the trigger. Her love for you helped to lower her defenses and allowed this monster of  negative emotions to creep in. Now she battles with it and fears what she cannot control. Her mind works over-time building defense walls to keep out this intruder that is so strong-willed and controlling. Her Cries for Help continue; for that is her only way of escaping this torment that in fact both of you are tangled up in. She searches for ways to rid herself of this horrible trap that she has somehow fallen into. She will never stop trying as long as she knows you will be there and that you know in your heart that it is not her deliberately sabotaging your love relationship. Your love and understanding is her strength. It is the ultimate weapon to fight and win this battle of imprisonment.



"Bitterness imprisons life; love releases it"

- Harry Emerson Fosdick




"I believe that we are here for each other, not against each

other. Everything comes from an understanding that you are a gift in my

life - whoever you are, whatever our differences."

- John Denver





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