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I have written the Code Of Positive Self-esteem Ethics for you.

Treat it with respect, and it will teach you to respect you in return.


Self-esteem is one of life's biggest mysteries. Many women suffer from low self-esteem for many different reasons. We all know them. We have read them until we could stand to read no more. Sometimes we are simply over informed or the words are so big that we just cannot understand what we are reading.


Here is another way of creating a new thinking habit. Through my Code Of Positive Self-Esteem Ethics, you can get there. Please don`t just read it and think you have solved your problems. You must apply this, you must learn this, most of all you must believe in it, and you.


The Code Of Positive Self-Esteem Ethics:


Practise makes perfect even in creating positive self-esteem habits.

Open your eyes and see reality for what it is.

Stop relying on others to make you happy.

 Ignore all negative thoughts and replace them with positive self-esteem thoughts.

Take control of your happiness, and be happy.

 Ignore what other people have and appreciate what you have.

Visualize a positive you and you will be positive.

Enjoy being you. 



Stop wanting to be anyone other than who you are.

Enjoy life as if today was your last day to live.

Love yourself first and foremost.

Finding freedom in ones self is not caring what others think.

Enjoy your body and treat it like it is a gift.

Stop worrying about the past. It is water moving a under the bridge, nothing more.

Take control of your addictions. We all have them. Do not let them control you.

Enjoy each second as it brings new chances for more smiles and huggz.

Enjoy your existence, you were born  for a reason.

Make your life happen.


What is self-esteem?



Definition: the experience of being capable of meeting life's challenges and being worthy of happiness. People who have healthy or authentic self-esteem trust their own being to be constructive, responsible, and trustworthy. It is an inner state that can be nurtured and cultivated. It is the level that you respect and value yourself as a loveable, worthwhile human being.



As in all my thoughts that I have shared with you through my articles and my self-esteem website and now through my Code Of Positive Self-esteem Ethics, the bottom line is, and always will be, YOU! You are the only one that is going to make it happen for you. No one else is going to spend as much time on you as you are. They have themselves to worry about. You are the only one that truly knows who you are. You are the only one that has to live within you. So make you a nice place to be....JUST DO IT!


I have been trying every way that I can possibly think of to help you get to your positive self-esteem high. When you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and cannot smile, because of a bad hair day, a new wrinkle, a few more love handles, more aches and pains, or maybe even just the weather, remember there are so many others that are waking up the same way. Maybe it's just the way life is suppose to be. Also, remember that you can change that feeling with just a thought. Run as fast as Forrest and read this Code Of Positive Self-esteem Ethics.


We all luv to read happy sayings and nice positive self-esteem quotes, so now I bring you my Code Of Positive Self-Esteem Ethics!


"It is not how much we have, but how much

we enjoy that makes happiness."

-Charles Spurgeon





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Dorothy Lafrinere



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