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It all happened so long ago.  People used to say how happy a kid I was.  They did not know what happened at home though.  Every time my mother left my dad would find an excuse to touch me or my sister. I don't remember how old I was when it first happened.  I knew what he was doing by saying I was daddy's little girl and to be a good girl and touch daddy there was wrong.  I tried to tell my mom but my dad always threatened me and said that she would not believe me or that I would get into trouble.   I would always beg my mother to let me go with her to the store so I could get away from my father.  Most of the time I was not allowed to go and had to stay at home with that man.  I hated my life worse than anything I wanted to be someone else and have a normal family.  When I was 13 it all ended because my brother told my mother in front of everybody.  My dad came home and he and my mom yelled and screamed at each other and my dad admitted what he had done to me and my sister for all of those years.  My dad went to prison for a number of years.  Now my dad is remarried and goes to church.  He says that it never happened and wants me to say that as well and that is something I can not do.  That is the reason I no longer speak with my father.  Just remember no matter who you are or where you are there all people who will help you.  All you have to do is reach out.





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