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Are we not but a face on the screen, written words to be read of who we are, or a voice on the receiver of the phone? There holds no distance or time, no past only the present and glimmer of tomorrow. Of hopes, of dreams, of aspirations that we will find or have found our soul mate, or love lost yet now found in the vast land of cyberspace? What will happen when that picture on the screen, that written word of forever after, that endearing voice we have heard steps out of the confines of the computer monitor and into real life? Know that the motives and intentions of others are not necessarily in the best interest of yours, and be consciously aware of your motives and intentions. A whirlwind of sweet nothings typed into the late night and into the early morning of only a week, a month or two; a conviction beyond logic or reason that this is the one. Be not fooled by the deception of self, that such a meeting is destiny. The senses of sight, of sound, of touch, of taste, of thought of REALITY set in. The foundation of TIME is necessary. A true friendship built through honesty, communication, laughter, adventure, and mutual respect. It is through such life experiences shared that endures the difficult times that lay ahead. Be strong within yourself and not look to another to be your strength. Be wise in knowing not to hold on just to hold on, and knowing when to let go.

(How many of us continue to find love in the wrong places and in the wrong faces, when we need only find the love within?)

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