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Worn Down and shattered

Worn Down and Shattered


My story is not one of spousal abuse, but one of familial abuse and other abuses. Since day one of my life, my life has been a living nightmare.

From the day I was born my biological father wanted nothing to do with me. At age 8, I was sexually molested by a school janitor. Elementary school and highschool was a living Hell: no friends because everyone though I was a freak and a loser, my teachers hated me for no reason,plus my mom was (and still is) a perfectionist parent, with nothing about me ever being good enough for her. To top it off, my sister has always been one of those spoiled rotten, "Wild Child" types you see on Oprah who terrorize their siblings (and it never helped matters that mom would let my sister walk all over me and verbally and emotionally abuse me, and either blame me for my sisters bad attitude or accuse me of over-reacting).

And these days, if anyone even notices I exist, its only to complain about me, put me down, accuse me of things I didn't do or blame me for their problems. I feel like the "Invisible Girl" and like I don't fit in.

I feel unnaccepted and like no matter what I do, its never enough for anyone, and like no one cares.





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