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Well I will cut right to it, and tell my story… That life is great, and hard, but we do get threw the Rough Hard Times, and over come our obstacles, and meaning our bad times. We will all over come it all! Sometimes we all do not over come it so fast then others, but we all will get threw it in time! If for some reason we don’t, it is because we won’t let it! Because were scared, or afraid, and or don’t know how, or whatever our excuse is, but that's the reason being for that!

For me my story...ha well my dad cheated on my mom, and I know there are men and women out there who do cheat, but for me every men does, because that’s my life experiences, and what I seen. Some of my male family members cheated as well, but I won’t mention any names, but that is to be another reason why I believe that. But it is not true!!! My daddy was my role model. Now he is just a typical average guy like everyone else to me, but he is still my father, and I love him, and respect him, but I' am hurt as well as my mom, and everyone else that was effected by this incident, but it will get better, and it takes time.

Second I cut, and pick at my skin, and I hope to soon get better by this site. For that’s the reason why I signed up as a member, because I feel it might help me! If it doesn't, I will keep looking, and searching, and I won’t give up! I will get better. Eventually, but then again time is everything….healing, and venting.

Also my brother use to psychically, and mentally abuse me. Always belittling me, and everything, and then with my Aunt's second husband, which is my uncle… some what molested me. I still feel it is my fault, and everyone tells me that it wasn’t, and I was about 15 to 16 years of age, and well… It damages your thinking, but not your heart, and brain, and sole.

My love, and heart, and our GOD is what kept me going, and from falling down, and apart, and my loved ones here with me. Thank the Jesus Lord and God O Mighty for all that, and for this site. A miracle that it just popped up, and since I search for a solution to help me out, and see what happens when you push yourself you can find an answer and GOD can send you that answer. That saying: God helps those who help themselves! I believe that!!!

Amazing how things happen when you push yourself to do things, and try, and try, and it gets accomplished… you get something out of it…! Rather it is satisfaction or feeling good you did something, and it is done, or something can come out of it like someone can use or do something with what you did or said or created, and use it to good use! To make this world a better place for everyone!!! I hope my story helps anyone on this out…! If not I’ am sorry, but I tried... Please ask me anything… if and anytime you need to. I will be back to answer it, and I would like to talk when I am depressed so lets help each other ok. Bye everyone!

P.S. I hope I did not offend anyone in this story about GOD, JESUS, or the LORD. I was just speaking my heart, and my side, and my mind! Thanks for letting me have this opportunity! Rough Hard Times, LATER!!!

Comment: Thank you Holly-Ann. Your story has helped me to think about my own situation and to know that I am not alone.






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