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Upsetting Events
Upsetting Events

Upsetting Events- Well I have my cell phone with me all the time, and I go to the mall, and forget it in the ladies room of the mall, and I went back for it, and someone took it on me..., and everyone around me made me sick, because I didn't know who stole it. So everyone that went by me or bothered me in some way, I said something nasty to them. Then I felt bad, and I got depressed, and I felt like cutting my entire arm up instead..... of X marks, and all that.

But thank GOD I went to sleep, and when I fell a sleep, and then woke up I still was depressed. I was woken up by my boy friend of two years, and four months, and he made me laugh and tickled me, and all that, and I got out of my depression thank GOD. I didn't feel like doing it anymore, but before he tried to make me feel better... it didn't work, but then after a while it started to kick in, and my depression started to fade, and decrease, and go away.... thank GOD.

When your in that state you need to either sleep it off a long time, and then it sometimes goes away....like for me I was depressed, but not that much, because I slept, and woke up after about an hour, and felt a little bit better, and all that, but maybe a longer sleep like 2 hours or something, and then wake up and talk to someone, and like or on this site, and talk about it, and vent or write, and move things around, and or whatever you love doing best to get yourself out of it.

Sometimes people need more help then others, but it is not impossible, it is possible, and that is only if you let it be possible. If your around negativity.... that doesn't help much... like me sometimes at work with my mom at my mom's job my brother who belittled me all these years always still insults me with my depression. It is harder, and it doesn't help with him being mean to me, but sometimes you need to have these arrogant people in this world to make yourself stronger. Also if once in a blue moon, and that is an expression folks LOL ... that you need to defend yourself, and tell whoever is insulting you off, because we're only human, and can only take so much... go a head, and do it!

Don't hurt anybody physically, but like my brother belittles me all these years, and sometimes I say things, and sometimes I do...depends on the situation, and if I can just let the topic go, and not let it bother me, and but it all depends on the person so. Please go with your minds, and hearts, and instincts, and keep it going with whatever you do, and trust me, your dreams always do come true :-) later folks!




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