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Broken-Thirteen years I was married. He was my best friend. I depended on him. I protected him. I loved him. Our marriage had the great times with laughter, joyfulness, excitement and fears. For the past six years that I know of my husband has looked at porn. Emailed other girls. Set up a web site. Talked with them on his cell phone. Over and over I have asked him to stop. I told him how it made me feel. It degraded me. He would stop but then it would certianly start back up again. We went to counseling. I went to counseling. Of course I blamed myself. I gave of my self. He has continued to do this in the last few years. He'd stop, then starting back up again. He would even try to lie to me about it but I got smarter than him. He abused my trust. He abused the respect in our relationship. He abused our life together. I recently had to make the decision that I am important. My life, my self respect and esteem are all very important to me. I have to get them back. I asked him for a divorce. I loved him and still do because he was my best friend and we have beautiful children together... but I am important!
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