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Can't Get A Grip
Can't Get A Grip !


Can't Get A Grip-Well Lady's and Gents, I really don't know The definition of abuse. There's so many I forget all the titles. For me, I abuse Everything, With every Sense Possible., I have been in many different types of relationships and all abusive in there own speacial way. From the time I was was a teenager I let people take over my self worth, think'n I was do'n them a favor by being a good friend, a lover, a soul mate amoung being a kind human being! It's finally came down to Now. I'm a 29 year old house wife, who spends most of here time on here "The Internet" Prentending to create a world that does not exsist! I spend Most Of my Day being "High" Cause really it's the only thing that makes me feel good and at the same time it makes me so Hateful! I Eat because I'm lonely, even though I have a husband, and friends, but only on a part time basis. Cause it's to depressing to watch. My husband is the one man that was willing to deal with it all! Know'n as much as he does about my life, he said yes! And Now it feels like he's had enough! And Afraid To come home.

Funny How life Goes By everything we ever look for was right there And Still die not knowing! Funny I dated this guy once he'd get drunk I'd get drunk and we'd fist fight, and I liked it! I finally felt like I could have someone to love me but yet hate me as I did them. But even then it still wasn't enough, I cheated .. he drank more we fought more .. I did more pills .. we fought more! Finally one night he took most of my pills drank a bottle booze, and I finally got want I wanted from him! Things got smashed I got beat up held in a room for hours! I finally got out ran to the street outside, and low and behold there was my mother! She took me home and told my father, he was furious I begged dad not to hurt him, Because I felt like I had lied! I pervoked it all along cause I wanna to know what I was like to be hated and loved at the same time. So here I am today more hateful then ever because I created a monster who can't get a grip!





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