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I started dating this guy when I was 15 on july 7th. It was great for the first two months till we got back to school. Someone had told him about me getting another myspace after I promised him I wouldn't. What he doesnt realize is that myspace was the only way I could keep in touch with my friends. He didnt like any of my friends and told me he didnt. As a result I stopped talking and hanging out with them. Well, when he found out about my myspace he was mad that I lied to him. I understood that he was and why he was. Later an ex friend of mine told him how I was still talking to my ex. We were just friends but he was so mad at me he almost left me. He always tells me now that he cant trust me. I got so mad at him one day for him saying that, that I looked him in the eye and said fuck you.

I ran to my class and threw my stuff in the room. I was walking around a corner to go to the bathroom to be alone and cry, when he came running around the corner and threw me up against the wall causing me to hit my head. The band teacher say this and took him away. I felt my head and had a huge lump already from my head hitting the wall. When my boyfriend came back to me he say me and started crying saying he was so sorry that he didnt mean to. I let it go and forgave him. Two days later at his house me and his mom were looking through baby pictures of him. He wanted me to go look at something for his truck off the internet. I said I'd be there in a second. When I went in there he told me to leave. I new he was mad about something so I asked what was wrong. Naturally he says nothing. Eventually he gets tired of me asking him and he turns around and grabs my wrists and twists them back. He starts yelling at me to leave him alone. I run to his room and sit on his bed. 15 minutes later he comes in almost to tears for hurting me again. I forgave him. Later that night we were in the parking lot to walmart and he is upset about something. I could always tell when he was. I ask him whats bothering him. He says nothing. I keep asking him and he gets mad this time and puts his hands around my neck. I was terrified and he knew I was. He let go and wouldnt look at me the rest of the night.

Things have slowed down since then. He'll still yell at me if I do something wrong, or threaten me on leaving me. If your wondering if we are still together..yes we are. Im not giving up on him because I know he is stressed a lot and I love him. I told him though if he ever puts his hands on me again like he used to i'll leave. He hasnt done it. All im really trying to say is I know I still shouldnt put up with it. No one should. I'm not giving up on him. But if you are out there getting hit or threatened, or yelled at, you dont have to put up with it. They really aren't worth it. I know from experience before. I was in an abusive relationship before and had to go to court and many rehab sessions. Dont put yourself through that. Break it off before it gets too serious. I know its hard but you need to do it before you end up hurt or worse...DEAD! Dont think they wont go that far....they will. If someone can raise their hand to you then they can kill you. Dont make the same mistakes we have done!!





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