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Mother and Me
Mother and Me

Mother and Me
This is not a sexually battered story, although, it's a story of other types of abuse.

My mother had me at 20years old, my biological father was in my life for about two years and then they broke up and I never seen him again until I was 28years old. Anyway,my mother met a man that would enventually become my MOST hated person! She met him at her workplace and being very young she thought he was the best thing around. They dated, then a few years later, they got married. At the the age of seven, he adopted me, you would naturally agree that this was such a great man, right? WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!! I was the oldest "daughter", I have two younger sisters. This man, was so jealous of my mothers' love for me, that he became this monster, this "animal" was so physically abusive to me, at such a young age he has beaten me, told me that I'm nothing, and would go out of his way to embrass me in front of friends and family.

He would convince my mother that I was nothing, and she sided with him all the time. I basically had no one, no one would come to my rescue except for my grandparents, which I loved greatly, they helped me out when I was kick out of the apartment that we had in the Bronx, and was forced to live in the hallways, I thank GOD for a girlfriend of mine that allowed me to stay with her for two weeks, thereafter, my grandparents took me in, I was only 15 yrs old. I really didn't know what to do, except to survive in such a cold, scary city at that time. I felt so alone all the time, anyway, after a while my parents allowed me to stay with them again, so I would go home, and the abuse will start all over as if nothing ever happened.

My thoughts, my presence, my voice was never heard. I was just a obstacle in their lives. So much of an obstacle, by the age of 16 they moved to Florida and left me behind........again. I stayed with my grandparents for a few months, then eventually, move to Florida. Moved in with them and AGAIN, it started. This was so normal, that when my father would beat me, my mother was either cooking, watching tv, or just participating in this abuse....it was sick!!!!!

Finally, I moved out and moved in with my first love, I was 17 yrs old. After a few years we had our first child, I was 21, then we had our second child, I was 25, then we had our third child, and I was 29.......during all these years, he too, abused me, physically, mentally and cheated on me throughout the whole entire relationship. I finally left, at the age of 30, I had three children and my bravery.

I decided to never go back to that type of life again, I decided to completly "erase" my parents out of my life, they are currently paying the price for their negligence, they are divorced and are living in misery, they are completly depressed, as for the father of my children, he is scared of my "power", I have become such a strong woman, such a survivor, although, I will always have these "demons" in my life, I developed the need to control them, I'm not 100% cured, although, I'm on the right track.....

........my goal is to live, love and laugh. And I owe it all to GOD, my grandparents, my children and my strength and will to survive.
Author- livelovelaugh

COMMENT: Wow.. it sounds so similar to my life.. except the difference was verbal abuse.. but everything else is to the tee... I too am a survivor and my ex is afraid of my power.. I know what you meant when you said this.. they are afraid of our confidence.. Our strenght, Im happy that you have overcome.




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