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A comment becomes a story!

Once Abused, Now Free
A comment becomes a story

This story was sent in as a comment. After reading it, I felt compelled to add it to the abuse stories as it is a real life abuse story! ~D~

***As scary as it is, I wish someone had given it to my mother when I was growing up. She married not one, but two child molesters. The second (my stepfather) was the one who molested me for 9 years of my childhood (from the ages of 9 to 17) and also my sister. And my mother "didn't see it." The first one molested my niece (his own granddaughter).

God only knows how many others these men have abused. But by the time I became aware of the horrible impact this abuse had on me or how these men might have (and did) prey on others, it was too late under then current laws to prosecute or even to sue for damages under civil law. I think that needs to change. Many of us who have suffered longstanding sexual abuse learn to stuff our feelings deep inside because we do not feel we can control anything these monsters do to us (even our own bodies are not under our control) and it is the only way we can survive it. By the time we are finally able to identify our pain and our feelings and begin to deal with them and their consequences, it is often too late to bring these monsters to justice.

I'm 45 now and have spent the last 28 years of my life surviving my childhood and attempting to regain the self-esteem and the identity that was stolen from me. I've had many difficulties forming adult love relationships because of the trust issues with which this abuse left me. But I'm still hopeful that, while the abuse and the memories of it will never ever go away and I will always have some symptoms, that those symptoms will be manageable and that I can overcome them enough to make healthy relationship choices for myself.

I've done a lot of work in therapy and on my own to help me to make those healthy choices and it's because of my on going work on my self esteem issues that I found your website.

You're a Godsend, Dorothy, and I'm glad you're here! Thank you for making this information freely available to women and to parents. If it saves even one child from the pain I have suffered and that I am STILL working through, then you have done a noble thing.




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