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Rape is:
-not the victims fault

Rape is all about ones obsession for control and power, it is not necessarily just about sex. Some rapists will use drugs to take away a person's ability to resist their attack. This is known as coercion or even intimidation, which is a type of manipulation of ones free-will and/or compliance.

Other rapists will use threats to gain control, even violence which results in the physical act being sexually assaulted.
A rapist deserves no remorse, favors nor excuses. The victimizer knows what is right and what is wrong. When a
person says NO....they mean 'NO'. Excuses such as...she was saying 'NO', but I know she was really saying 'YES'.  This to me, is the lowest form of self-justification I have ever heard. This excuse or reasoning is as shallow and as disgusting as the rapist themselves.

Have you ever witnessed a rape at a party or in a back alley or maybe even in your own home and failed to take action or report it?..... WHY?

Have you ever been touched, looked at or even spoken to in such a way that you felt it was wrong? What did you do about it?

Did you know that any type of communication whether it be verbal or physical that makes you feel uncomfortable is sexual abuse, and can lead to rape?

Have you ever been raped? What did you do about it?

Rape is truly a violation of ones mind and soul. This act of forced power leaves its victim feeling numb and empty.
The victim is left, if alive, like a discarded piece of chewing gumm...spit out once the flavor is gone. She will find her mind in a twist of self-blame, self-shame, and self-guilt. All of these self-accusations will tear her self-esteem to shreds once again leaving her feeling hopelessness and full of blame.

She is now left alone and very much lost in her search for survival.


She then take one of two steps:

One, she will either survive by denying the assault and burying it for fear of guilt and shame, which in turn will never leave her at peace.


Two, she will seek closure even revenge and report the assault only to then be forced yet again with more assault as she works very hard to recover and deal with this traumatic attack.

Rape happens when a person has sex that he or she didn't agree to. It includes intercourse in the vagina, anus or mouth. Sometimes it happens when one person forces another to have sex. Sometimes this involves violence. It can also happen when the victim can't think clearly due to drugs or alcohol.
Rape is a felony offense. This means it is one of the worst crimes a person can commit. Rape can happen to men, women or children. It causes both physical and traumatic emotional damage.  

Rape in legal terms is referred to, a forced vaginal penetration of a woman by a male assailant.
In many of the states Rape has been changed to the term 'criminal sexual assault'  as it is deemed more gender-neutral

The legal definition of criminal sexual assault: any genital, oral, or anal penetration by a part of the accuser's body or by an object, using force, without the person's consent or through coercion of any type.
Despite all of the variable labels of sexual assaults and the time and money spent on analysis done by thousands of doctors...these are all a violation of another person against their will which is rape. For this violent act there is 0 tolerance!

Incest: sexual activity between closely related persons or family members.

Statutory rape: sexual intercourse with a female/male under a specified age. This varies in each country.

Date rape: also know as acquaintance rape takes place while dating. This type of rape is continuous as the victim does not identify the sexual assaults as rape for reasons such as..mind games..insecurity, needing to be accepted (low self-esteem), fear, and even shame.

Acquaintance rape: A sexual assault by someone the victim deems friendly or trusts such as a spouse, friend, friends partner, teacher, date, employer, neighbor, student, Police Officer, Parishioner, Medical Professional ect.

Pedophilia: A person who has acted on an intense sexual urge toward an prepubescent child, or experiences recurrent sexual urges toward and fantasies about this age group of children.

How to avoid being attacked...Awareness....self-defense...common sense...know your exit routes...try to avoid being alone in isolated areas if at all possible, know your own household weapons, mace or even hair spray will help when being attacked, a baseball bat, hammer, hidden phone ect..

If you are attacked..you will be taken by surprise in most instances. Your mind will be offset due to the attack...take hold of your thoughts...realize that this person is trying to overpower you...your first reaction will be to fight...if at all possible try very hard to maintain the reality of the situation...focus on calming down so that your attacker will loosen his/her grip. Then and only then should you try and work your way away from the attacker. If necessary play along until you can manage to escape. In most cases women are advised to conform to her attacker and focus on staying alive. This is very much true for anyone that has no experience in self-awareness and assertive experience.

It is also vital to seek immediate police protection, from there you will be taken to a hospital, seen by a physician
to be treated for any type of STD, sexually transmitted disease or any other damage caused to you either mentally
or physically resulting from this rape.

Rape is not the victims fault, no matter how she is dressed or if she happens to be alone in the dark or even passed out
naked on a bed. I repeat again...Rape is a violation against ones will and consent. The only one held accountable for this act is the rapist themselves. The rapist is the doer of the violation, it is the rapist that is deserving of blame, shame and humiliation.

A person that has survived sexual assault is no longer a victim but a person that has taken back her life and is in her right, victorious. She has earned to be named a 'Victor".


Awareness & Rape Preventative classes/exercises are one of  the most important ways for women and men of all ages to
escape and/or avoid this act of assault.






Below are some very helpful, informative & up to date sites dealing with Rape & Rape Victims.

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