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Abuse Information: Throughout this section, I will try to guide you through my articles dealing with abuse and some documented statistics that I have come across throughout my research on abuse. Here, you will learn what abuse does to people in general and womens self-esteem specifically. These abuse articles are written to help you understand what to look for and how the person being abused feels and what they are going through. This is not meant to be a happy read. Abuse is a real issue that haunts many people of our world today and is responsible for many life long fears and low self-esteem issues.


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  Whose Gonna Fight For Me?

I'm a young woman that has a passion for seeing women overcome victimization of violence and providing an outlet that allows them to voice the struggles they endure on a daily basis. I believe that if we as a gender unite and give voice to our experiences and our past and present hurts, then this enables us to give life to our future dreams. 

  Betrayed by Society

Some people are very skilled in the art of quiet betrayal. They know exactly how to turn a situation to benefit them, making you fall and feel like you are in the wrong. Way too many relationships are controlled by either side having this ability. Relationships can be manipulated to serve one side, the side always being the one that shows an outward kindness and naiveness. I call it a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Only the person being tormented by this very well schooled betrayer knows that side of this person, so many never even become aware that they are victims to a betrayal.

  Forgiveness..a Key to Personal Freedom

The only way to survive a mistrust is to take a step towards a positive remedy and that my dear readers is to learn to forgive.
To be able to forgive is the key that unlocks the doors to a new world, a positive world.
To be able to let the old hurts go and move forward in YOUR life is a must to gain this closure.
The newness of thoughts, once forgiveness has been reached is what you are striving to achieve.
This is your goal.
A life without goals is like a life without purpose.

  Have you been Violated... I Have

So tell me...have you ever felt violated?
If you ever have... I feel for you because as strong as I am as a person...this violation has torn me apart without any warning. It is not easily explained. It is not easily seen and it most certainly is not easy to overcome............

  Rape...the aftermath

You must have passed out,  as your become conscious and try to regain some level of reality...you realize that your body is not your own..it is being abused. This abuse is tearing you apart, the pain and the violation is like nothing you have ever experienced before.  You cannot see him...you cannot even move, you have been positioned face down, he is on top of you, his body weightalone is trapping and suffocating.  His odor and the taste of his sweat as it rolls down your face is so offensive that you cannot breathe.

  Rape Is...

Rape is truly a violation of ones mind and soul. This act of forced power leaves its victim feeling numb and empty.
The victim is left, if alive, like a discarded piece of chewing gumm...spit out once the flavor is gone. She is now left alone and very much lost in her search for survival.
She then take one of two steps.....

  ABUSE VICTIM.. How do you spell it?

Victims of abuse do not get to go to sleep at night and dream of sweet things…they dream of violation, fear, pain, mistrust, a never ending running away from an unknown perpetrator, they even continue to urinate in their pants.

Victims of abuse cannot enjoy a healthy sex life with their partners because the minute they feel they are finding that place of ecstasy, the face of an abuser invades their world and shatters what should be an intimacy between lovers.

  ~Child Abuse~

When a child is deceived and lied to by a person they love, trust and depend on, it makes understanding of love very difficult also which in turn creates this innate desperation to be loved and accepted by someone other than themselves. This is where their self-esteem, self-worth and inability to love themselves unconditionally results from.

  Are you being Abused?

As in any abuse, people have a hard time identifying with the fact that they are victims of abuse. It becomes a way of life that until they really notice that it is NOT a way of life, do they start to search for answers or help.

  Abuse.. Can It Be Stopped?

Every abuser has to start somewhere...a name calling, a shout, a slander, a violent outburst, a physical tantrum, a lie ect....it does start somewhere.

We must learn how to stop it at its first step...we must learn to identify an abusers very first red flag. Do I sound extreme...guess what, I am extreme about this issue.

  When the Child is the Abuser

If the time ever comes that you are forced to walk away from your child, you will experience what is known as guilt. This guilt will be a very natural reaction of a parent that has just suffered a great loss. As a parent, you must take control when the child is the abuser.

  What Abuse does to the victims

These are just some of the things that abuse does to the victim, creating a life of imprisonment and torture and for some no life at all. Victims do not just experience maybe 1 or 2 of these after effects, they experience all of them.

  Strength & Survival

Survival comes in little packages and it comes in enormous boxes. It appears when we least expect it, never letting us prepare for the battle.

  Child Molesters...Do they Exist?

Abuse: They use the highest form of trickery to lure your child into their web. This trickery is one of kindness, and gentleness. They will become your child's best friend and shoulder to cry on. They will wait for the precise second to take their innocence forever. They are quiet and lurk in the backgrounds, so as not to be seen by you, the parent. You are their enemy.

  A Child Victim to A Survivor!

Victims have no choice but to survive. If they do not commit suicide, they learn to cope. I have mentioned in another article that some use drugs, alcohol, food, cutting ones self and even sex.

  Hate the Abuser, not the Abused!

The shame that is felt by an abused person is so deep that it takes years to unfold, then years to put in a safe place. Some never get that far. They turn to drugs, alcohol, and even eating disorders that tear their physical being apart. Some even repeat the same actions that were done to them with, their spouses or children.

  Child Abuse of another kind!

We have heard this time and time again. "Do not hate the sinner, Hate the sin". Drug abuse is a sin... an evil sin..a sin to be hated...a sin to be sought out and destroyed.










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