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What do you do when someone has hurt you?
One that you have trusted and cared about in your life!
What do you do when life hits you blindsided and pulls you down so fast that you almost lose your breathe, not to mention your sense of reality?
Do you become a new friend of negative thinking and allow hate, disgust, bitterness even resentment to take over your thoughts?

I am here to tell you, "DO NOT do that!"

Do not allow negative thinking to hold you down under that weight of mistrust and the desire to hurt back.
It will be a very long road to nowhere fun.
Happiness is not at the end of that road!
The only thing that you will find is a need to avenge your pain and sorrows. You will be tricked into thinking that to hurt back is the only way to find closure or some sort of justice.

Again I am here to tell you, "DO NOT do that!"

There is not a person on earth that has not experienced mistrust, criticism or deception in one form or another. Whether it be from a partner, child, co-worker, girl-friend or even a neighbor. When one has been hurt by a close trusted person, that hurt goes into places deep inside of your heart. It is a hurt that is almost unbearable and you feel like your life has come close to an end.
If you give into that hurt and allow it to consume your thoughts, you will fall into a very ugly world of wanting to somehow pay back that person in either the same level of hurt or even a deeper hurt.

I have experienced.........
........... and witnessed situations where many people including myself have allowed the negative thoughts to control and blur their thinking. It only ended up in disaster, ranging from divorce, suicide, murder, even verbal slander which we all know has its own way of causing a very irreparable wound.

The only way to survive a mistrust is to take a step towards a positive remedy and that my dear readers is to learn to forgive.
To be able to forgive is the key that unlocks the doors to a new world, a positive world.
To be able to let the old hurts go and move forward in YOUR life is a must to gain this closure.
The newness of thoughts, once forgiveness has been reached is what you are striving to achieve.
This is your goal.
A life without goals is like a life without purpose.
In order to get to that point, one must learn how to forgive.
Through practice and consistent positive actions and thoughts, your mind will eventually open up and allow forgiveness. Once you have decided to reach out and forgive, you will immediately feel weight lift. You will feel immediate results of freedom.

To hold onto the hurts and negative memories will only result in further hurting one person and that person is YOU!

In any emotional trauma, to hold onto the nightmares and memories only creates a new abuser, that being our own selves.
Forgiveness is but a jumble of letters, it is a mere word. The action of this word is the vital key involved in finding this new freedom.
It is through an acceptance of a negative situation that has happened and is over and a commitment or decision to let it go forever, that will help you to learn how to replace the power of that negative trap.
It is also imperative to work on freeing yourself as quickly as possible. The longer you dwell and hold onto hurt and mistrust, the farther and more out of control you will become from reaching forgiveness.
One more very important thought that will help you is, that by forgiving and moving on, in no way does this mean that what has happened to you was not a wrong doing or that the person that has hurt you should be free of guilt. Also, this positive move forward through forgiveness does not mean that you are excusing or reducing the action against you.

What it does mean is that you are allowing yourself the freedom to take control of your thoughts and move forward.
You are identifying with the fact that your act of forgiveness is for YOU not the other person involved.
You have replaced your position as victim and prisoner which removes the power of the opposing person and event that caused so much despair.
You have taken your right of choice and have moved toward a healthier, happier pattern of thoughts which will create the freedom to live!

Remember, your choice to forgive has no bearing on how the other person reacts, thinks or chooses to live. The choices you make are for YOU and your happiness alone and for the freedom of thought.

It is obvious that to allow ourselves to take that step into forgiving is very hard. It can almost feel that it goes against our nature, otherwise why is it so hard.
Have you ever noticed that the people who find that step easy or so they seem to....are people of religious commitment? Why is that? I believe it is because they are, through their religious practice, reading a lot of information and hearing a lot about forgiveness because it has always been said to be the "Godly" thing to do! They are reminded of it time after time. So for us who are not practicing religion or any other form of secondary worship...we must do this ourselves for ourselves. I have also said many times that we are responsible for our own happiness..to work on freeing yourself from the prison that accompanies hate and vengeance, we must learn to let it go.







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