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  •  Abuse will hurt you.
  •  Abuse makes you want to run.
  •  Abuse makes you want to hide.
  •  Abuse makes you want to bury your mind.
  •  Abuse makes you want to slash your wrists.
  •  Abuse makes you want to eat away those horrible feelings of shame.
  •  Abuse will push you towards a life of getting high to numb the pain.
  •  Abuse will make you turn away from your sexual desires, or detach yoursel during sexual interludes with your partner.
  •  Abuse will make you angry all the time.
  •  Abuse will make you vomit when ever certain people or objects bring you back to that time period.
  •  Abuse is a forced personel violation, that affects you physically, mentally and spritually.
  •  Abuse makes you feel dirty,bad,and even deserving of your guilt.
  •  Abuse creates a lonliness that noone can see.
  •  Abuse manages to deeply inbed into your entire being, infecting your  sense of self, your work life, and even your parenting skills.
  •  Abuse will make you feel different from everyone else.
  •  Abuse will make you fear allowing anyone inside your head for fear they will turn away, or doubt you, or accuse you of being a bad person.
  •  Abuse will control you.
  •  Abuse will make you hate you.
  •  Abuse will hamper your ability to take care of yourself.
  •  Abuse makes you feel self-destructive,even suicidal.
  •  Abuse will take away desires to reach any goals.
  •  Abuse make you feel terror, rage, disgust, pain, and humiliation all at the same time, all the time.
  •  Abuse betrays your innocent love and trust.
  •  Abuse creates barriers that stops your ability to be affectionate or recieve nurturing.
  •  Abuse continues to confuse you so that any person you may have a relationship with will remind you of the abuser.
  •  Abuse will keep you going through life alone because you cannot seem to hang on to a relationship.
  •  Abuse will make you panic if people get too close.
  •  Abuse will make it very hard for you to say NO throughout your life.
  •  Abuse will totally confuse what love and being intimate are suppose to be.
  •  Abuse teaches you how to stop feeling.
  •  Abuse makes you feel that the world is an unsafe place.
  •  Abuse brings conflicting sensations of arousal to your body.
  •  Abuse will create conflict in your mind regarding whether sex is right or wrong.
  •  Abuse will replace trust, safety, and your ability to share with secrecy, isolation and fear.
  •  Abuse will make you weaken your ability to face confrontation.
  •  Abuse will cause you to go through life always coping.
  •  Abuse will force you to rationalize your abusers actions.
  •  Abuse will teach you the art of denial.
  •  Abuse will challenge your minds powers of repression. (ability to forget)
  •  Abuse has the ability to haunt your years later, when you least expect it.
  •  Abuse will teach you how to leave your body at will, by either focusing on a certain object or thought.

These are just some of the things that abuse does to the victim, creating a life of imprisonment and torture and for some no life at all. Victims do not just experience maybe 1 or 2 of these after effects, they experience all of them.



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