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This article is not an up-lifting and positive issue. It is however a REALISTIC and TERRIFYING read.  One that is going make you feel sick to your stomach, not to mention make your skin crawl. This article is going to awake an inner hate and give you a desire to make your cry for help count. It is about child molesters. The kind of human that  does not deserve a second chance.  Child molesters are like any other disease that we must find a vaccine for and get rid of forever.

This article is based on my thoughts on child molesters. I cannot promise you that these thoughts will be kind or positive feeling. For that I apologize up front. My target here is to wake up you...the parents that are too busy to take a minute to check who their child is talking to on the internet, or ask who is calling when a mature voice is on the other end of the phone asking for your child.

I plead with all parents to be aware of who your neighbors are, who your child is with when they say they will not be at home after school or that they have to stay at school...again. Is your child bringing gifts home telling you that it was just a friend that gave it to them? Start to watch your child's emotions when they have to go to school. Anything aside from the normal can be a direct sign that they are being harassed or molested at their school.
I am the first person that will try everything to avoid negative vibes. I do not like to be the bearer of bad news any more than you like to read about it. Parents we need to wake up and watch, and yes, question people. I use to think how sad it is that I have to make my children afraid of strangers. That was some years back. Now not only must we warn our children to be aware of strangers, but of their teachers, priests, ministers, and worst of all even family as in fathers, uncles and step-fathers. I shudder to even type those words.

Our world has more enemies than we have imagined. We have child molesters, we have the drug pushers and lets not forget the people that hide behind pornography and attract young boys and girls into the world of sex for cash. All of these perpetrators have similar traits; they lure your innocent child into their traps. Whether it is for money, self-satisfaction, control, or pure inhuman reasoning, they are all a form of abuse.

Child molesters are what I call a, "Freak of Nature". I cannot conceive of their reasons nor can I listen to therapists tell me that they can be rehabilitated. Child molesters know exactly what they are doing and what they want. They take as much time as needed to seek their victim. That victim can be your child. If you think not, you best think again!

When you glance at the head lines that I have added to my article, you will see how real these perpetrators are. I have listed a minuscule list of molesters that are reported in our small world. There are hundreds of thousands of these reports to choose from. These words are not exaggerated, nor have they been edited. These headlines are real. They tell you about children that have been stalked and taken from their safe and innocent world. They were taken into a world that they could not understand, nor leave. They were taught things that you as an adult would never even want to think about. These are your children with their innocence stolen. All it took was one minute that you were not watching or concerning yourself with who was on the other end of the phone or the internet chat. Does it sounds like I am blaming you, the parent? I am in a sense, partially blaming you, yes . These animals that have chosen your son or daughter are using your denials or your too-busy-life as a key to open the door to your child's heart and trust.

Child molesters are patient and smart. They are thinking through demented mind strength, which allows them a very cunning control. They use the highest form of trickery to lure your child into their web. This trickery is one of kindness, and gentleness. They will become your child's best friend and shoulder to cry on. They will wait for the precise second to take their innocence forever. They are quiet and lurk in the backgrounds, so as not to be seen by you, the parent. You are their enemy. You will disrupt their plan and they do not want you around. They will try everything in their power to get you and your child thinking separately. A child molester will have your child defending them even before you know they exist in your child's life. They are powerful and will crush your child's innocence forever.

You CAN stop them through your awareness of your child's every move. It is your responsibility as a parent to care, to ask questions, to demand answers, and yes even to check their rooms or computer logs. Whatever it takes....DO IT!!

I want you to take a few minutes to let your mind absorb the news headings below. This can be your child. It is someones child. I weep for those families.



One could be desiring your child right now!


- Man charged with child molesting
Prosecutors charged a former Hobart man with molesting a teenage girl several times in 2002 and 2003.

-Former Harbor Cop Accused Of Child Molesting
San Carlos resident, entered his plea to eight felony and four misdemeanor child molestation counts. He remains free on $100,000 bail.

-Indy man accused of molesting boy, girl
Convicted molester faces 8 felony charges involving alleged abuse of a 3- and 5-year-old

-Molester of girl, 2, loses appeal for shorter term
The Indiana Court of Appeals upheld an 80-year prison sentence for a man convicted of molesting a 2-year-old child.

Riverside County prosecutor says the results of the operation are 'alarming.' A sting to capture attempted child molesters netted 49 men in Riverside County, including a U.S. Homeland Security agent and a high school teacher.

-Killer of child-molesting priest claims insanity
An inmate charged with strangling child-molesting former priest John Geoghan said he did it to protect other youngsters, a guard testified Wednesday as the prisoner's murder trial began.

-Former British glam rock star Gary Glitter has been indicted by Vietnamese
prosecutors on charges of "lewd acts with minors" and is being investigated on possible rape charges involving girls of 11 and 12. Glitter, whose real name is Paul Francis Gadd, was arrested in 1997 in the UK after a computer technician found hard-core child pornography on his computer.
He was convicted of possession of pornography and served half of a four-month sentence in 1999, after which he fled to live in Cambodia and Vietnam.

-Teacher, 49, arrested in child-molesting case
A 49-year-old high school English teacher has been arrested on suspicion of child molestation and jailed on $1 million bail, authorities said.

I have been witness to a couple of incidents of attempted child molestation. When we say, "child", we really underestimate the age that a molester will stalk. The child's age can vary from 1-18. The law in Florida states that a child's sexual desire is already determined at the age of 12. What that means is, the state believes that if a child molester chooses to take your child under his wings, it is not the molesters fault that your child may be confused concerning his/her sexuality and that it was a genetic process already in place. I truly would like to meet the person that decided that as a fact. Also I have learned through personal experience, that a child molester thinks that they are doing your child a favor, that children now days are suffering from a lack of physical closeness and need this attention. In short, this is how they justify their inhuman disease.

This is another fact, a child molester was charged and convicted three times in a province in Canada. He was let out on bail, which to this day I cannot understand. He breached his curfew and went to another province. Once there, he began to execute his plan and became an avid shopper of a certain Walmart store that I personally know of. This perpetrator found his victim. A child that was with his mother and his baby brother. This animal was so well researched in the behavior of children that he knew it was only a matter of minutes before the child would give him his two minute window to follow through with his assault. The assault would be one of touching this child's genitals. That was his goal. Nothing more, nothing less. His plan and his desire consisted of exactly two minutes alone with this child. He won. The child was molested by this animal in exactly two minutes, two minutes that could ruin this boys life. It took this boys mother exactly that amount of time to catch up with her son. The entire time she was running to him, she witnessed the molesters physical attack. Her son stood their in shock and confusion while this person put his hands into his pants. The mother screamed and only then did the molester break free of his hold. He shot the mother a very hateful look and ran. The molester was caught and charged yet again. It took one solid year and over a month in court with the parents repeating this incident over and over, before this animal was charged and finally put behind bars. The child`s parents were instructed on the do's and don'ts in regards to this certain type of crime. That was 5 years ago. To this date the child seems to be very normal and has shown no signs of confusion. I have shared this story because I am trying to reach you as parents. I want you to understand just how serious these molesters are in seeking out your children. They are everywhere, not just on television or in the newspaper. They are on your street, in your church, at your local shopping plazas, in your child's schools, and even in your some of your homes.

I have received so many stories about women abused as children. They send them to me so that people visiting my website will read them and become more aware of whats going on behind closed doors. I holler out to all parents...Please become more aware of your children, and their goings on. I am also referring to new boyfriends/husbands, Boy Scout camps...Club Leaders..teachers...pastors..coaches...babysitters ect. It only takes a minute to check and that minute can mean the difference between a happy normal life or a life of horror and confusion. Surely your child's life is worth an extra minute here and there. Please...JUST DO IT!!!!



"Child abuse continues to be a significant problem in the United States. It was estimated that in 2001, 903,000 children were the victims of child abuse or neglect. Child abuse is a crime perpetrated on the innocent and the defenseless."

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