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We have heard this time and time again. "Do not hate the sinner, Hate the sin".

Drug abuse is a sin... an evil sin..a sin to be hated...a sin to be sought out and destroyed.

Somewhere, somehow, drug abuse has managed to take control of so many of our children and we as parents are left with our hands tied and our mouths gagged. We are unable to help them. We cannot see it coming. It slithers into our children's innocence and consumes them. We are left powerless to watch this evil continue to imprison our loved ones. It is a total inhuman act for us as parents to be idle and not die inside every time we are forced to assume this horrific position. We as parents can step on and kill a bug that we fear will bite or sting our child, but we cannot step on and kill a drug pusher. WHY?
Who, do we as parents, call for help?

Who will tell us when we are in the emergency room, whether our child will live to see the next day?

Who will tell us that this is just an accident and will never happen again?

Who will tell us  that our child will not be brain damaged from this addiction?

Who will tell us that everything is going to be OK and that our child will recover and never fall into the prison of another addiction? 

Who will tell us who we can blame?


We need to blame, we need to scream, we need to cry, we need to hate, we need to hurt, we need to beat that sin to death.

We need to turn time back to when our child was safe and happy.

We need to find the evil that has stolen our child's innocence. 

We need to find that person that profited from this horror that has imprisoned our child's mind and body.

We need to know why?


Why has it taken our child and twisted a purely innocent brain into a madness of needing a substance to survive?

Why has it taken and turned our child into a street walker in the night?

Why has it turned a sweet innocence into a sad, abused, crumpled up shadow of who we once cuddled and nurtured?
Why does our child no longer trust us, believe in us, or need us?
Why does our child hide away from us?
Why does our child not smile anymore?
But most of all, why does this not STOP?


Are we so caught up in profiting, that we will watch our own human race suffer?
Are we so inhuman that our needs are above another's pain and demise?
Are we not aware of what we are doing with this product that we are selling to better our material desires?
Are we so incorporated with government issues that we care not for the victims of what we allow or disallow in our world?


When did the world become so unjust and evil?

When did the ones offering the sin forget how to love thy neighbor?

When does it get better?

When do we as parents get time to not fear for our children and what this world will challenge them with?


Our children fall into the grips of Drug pushers every day.  They are hiding around corners and in hallways at their schools. They are waiting for them at the nearest arcade. The drug pushers watch for them like they are fresh prey.

As parents we must alert our children when they are very, very young about the evil sin that awaits their innocence.

As parents we must teach our children to fear strangers to an extreme degree. This is a sad thing to have to instill in our children, but a necessary one.

As parents we do not wish to be a witness to any pain or suffering that may come upon our children. We need to find the source of this sin, we know as drugs. We need to open our eyes and be so much more aware of the outer elements that surround our children when they are not with us.

As parents we owe it to ourselves and our children to keep them safe.


I know this is a different read  from my usual articles regarding women's issues, but I have seen too many tears and too many wasted lives, all due to the carelessness of the world today. As parents we must do more to keep this world a safe, healthy place to live.


My thoughts and prayers go out to all parents that have witnessed what I have written of.


The Biggest Liar is Addiction!

We must teach our children to say NO to Drugs!





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Dorothy Lafrinere



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