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It is vital to have a deeper understanding of who you are in and out of your relationship.
To reach this point, it helps to get to know yourself and how you see yourself in your relationship.

Here are some interesting and thought provoking questions that may or may not awaken some interesting self-realizations of who you are in your relationship and where your at .

By going through  these questions, you will be triggered into thinking about how you feel about certain subjects relating to your feelings and how you would normally deal with specific relationship issues in your life. By answering these questions you will also be made to think about not only how well you deal with your relationship issues but also how you could better deal with those issues at that same time.


Let Your own words guide you as they will help you more than you can imagine!

You may find as you're answering the questions that you are responding to the questions in terms of how you would like
your relationship to be as opposed to what it actually is right now. Please resist that temptation and answer, instead, from a place of complete self-honesty.
You may not like some of these questions, but answer them anyways. 
How you see yourself may not be so pretty, don't worry, that is quite normal in any self-realization quiz. Now remember for
this to be effective for YOU...answer as truthfully as possible and I recommend you try to write out a detailed answer for each question.



-How often do you feel tension in your relationship and do you feel this is a sign of a healthy relationship?

-What is the constant that causes tension in your relationship, if there is any?

-What do you think the meaning of love is?
-What do you think the meaning of romance is?
-What do you think the meaning of sex is?

-When are you most comfortable with your partner...in public or alone?

-What drew you into this relationship?
-What is keeping you in this relationship?

-How often do you and your partner just sit around and talk?

-Do you find that one of you always ends up taking control of the conversation?
-Which one of you is responsible for that?

-What would destroy your relationship?

-Do you trust your partner completely?

-Do you find that you do a lot of your partners thinking?

-Do you drag old issues from past relationships into your present relationships?

-Do you find that sensitive information is used in arguments on either partners side against the other?

-How do you like to have your partner demonstrate his/her  love towards you... and does this happen?

-Have you ever held back, intimacy-wise in your relationship and if so why? Have you tried to talk to your partner about it?

-Do you feel like you can talk to your partner about anything and feel supported as opposed to suppressed or ignored?

-Do you ever feel that your relationship has communication problems that should be addressed?
-Have you mentioned this to your partner?

-Is your partner as important to you right now as he/she was when you committed to this relationship? Why not?

-If you had the opportunity to do anything over again in your relationship....what would it be?

These questions may or may not stir up some issues on the home ground....if they do...my apologies...although that would be a true sign that your relationship is in need of some extra attention.
Too many couples fall quickly into the door-mat syndrome and then only when one partner gets to a point of total suffocation of who they are....does anything
actually be brought to the forefront. By then in so many cases, what once was a true loving and healthy relationship
has turned into one of suspicion, disappointment, feelings of loneliness and hurt.




When did the person you loved so much at one time, become the last person on your priority list?







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