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These Relationship Articles and Jealousy Articles were written by the founder and owner of womensselfesteem.com, Dorothy Lafrinere. They have become quite popular, and for good reason! They deal with the most common themes of relationships, jealousy, self-worth, and much more, and are full of great Relationship tips. You have NEVER seen Relationships, Jealousy and your feelings explained in such easy to understand terms. We have also included a few articles written by other authors that we have hand picked as experts in the field of relationships. The knowledge found in these relationship articles is priceless. We believe that women should have the best information available to build a healthy relationship. 






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  Esther Kane

Fast-forward twenty years when she’s in a long-term relationship and chooses a partner just like daddy- who doesn’t ‘get’ her and is emotionally unavailable- and you have a formula for lifelong pain and suffering. In fact, the boyfriend before her latest love went even further than her father had- he kept leaving her, and thus, she was always on edge when they’d reunite, wondering when the other shoe would drop once again and she’d be without him

  Good Partners

Another common flaw that we have when seeking a partner is that we tend to paint the wrong colors on our own self-portrait as we feel we must meet certain expectations in order to be accepted by this potential partner. Also knowing who you are is vital to being able to get those colors right initially. If you really stop and think about these typical courtship flaws... you will be able to see just how misleading we ourselves can be when seeking a partner.


  Gender quirks!

Men and women were both gifted with distinct personality differences for a reason. The reason being they fit together like a puzzle when the right pieces are used in the right spots. For some reason men and women seem to constantly want to recut those peices and try and fit them somewhere else instead of just accepting what is. This is where we run into so many issues, such as... women wanting men to think like women, men wanting women to think like men....ect.

  Betrayal As a Parent

Betrayal: Is it hurt, deception, disappointment, anger, loss of trust, feelings of being broken, defiled, humiliated, neglected, loss of self-esteem, or just plain dead?

  Pat me to a higher...Self-esteem

Who doesn't like to be pat on the back?  That's like who doesn't like sex..

  Control...Who controls who?

Have you ever questioned their friends about a certain night that they were out together without you?
Have you ever tasted them with a kiss or smelled their clothes when they come home after they have been out ?
Do you control your partners friendships just in case there may be room for some type of sexual attraction?
Do you feel that your insecure emotions are controlling you?

  A Risk in Falling in Love

The pain is like no other you have ever felt nor ever want to feel again. Not just in your imagination, not just in the mind. It's like losing a part of who you are, or rather who you were. That my friends is one reason we should be so careful to not make the wrong LOVE choice. I know reading this totally makes you wonder why we ever even think about falling in love.. But we do, over and over again. Why?

  Lust..Love ..Sex

For a man to love through lust or sex...it is a destruction waiting to happen. Neither sex nor lust has any real substance to overpower realities challenges. Nor can they outlast the human mind and body. I doubt very much that at 80 or 90 I will be chasing down the opposite sex any more than my male counterpart. I seriously think I will be passed that part of the relationship :)

  Betrayed by Trust

But then....
He wants you back.
He cannot live without you.
He has crawled back to you, begging for forgiveness.
Begging for your heart to be returned.
Begging for your trust once again.

  Men and Women COLLIDE!

Ever been in a situation in your life when your entire world seems to COLLIDE with itself? I am sure we all can raise our hands to that question. There are many ways to COLLIDE in life. Some ways can be sweet and others, downright nasty.

  Unconditional Self-Love!

What is unconditional love for your self?
It is a love that means nothing matters, nothing can change your love of who you are.
It is a feeling of acceptance that only you can have for you.
It is what truly strengthens ones self-esteem!
You are a true gift of life...this gift is your unconditional self-love.

  Relationship Questions to Ponder!

By going through  these questions, you will be triggered into thinking about how you feel about certain subjects relating to your feelings and how you would normally deal with specific relationship issues in your life. By answering these questions you will also be made to think about not only how well you deal with your relationship issues but also how you could better deal with those issues at that same time.

  Betrayed by Society

We are dealing with a wide open world where nudity and promiscuity is a very real concern. Couples are challenged every day in the area of commitment. What one might consider a mere look; another will take to heart and see it as a deception. If he is looking at pornography on the Internet and it hurts your feelings, you have the right to say "stop" and you also have the right to leave him if he does not stop. Don’t even try to change the things that cannot be changed, but do change what you can.

  Is your partner imprisoned by a low self-esteem?

Guys...I am sure some, maybe even many of you can attest to the fact that it is very frustrating to try and deal with a woman that feels less than, like she is a nobody or that she will never be enough for you. Her focus is totally on your love and acceptance other than her own! No matter what you say to encourage her, you feel like your words have fallen on deaf ears. You try very hard to show that you are very much interested in her and that she is exactly who you desire and still...

  Ladies: Flirting 101

Every woman has a sexy flirt inside of her capable of getting a man's attention. However, not all women carry the self confidence or know-how...

  Where is he looking & What is he thinking? JEALOUSY

Jealousy- Worries, Worries, and more worries. This seems to be the consensus of more and more women these days in regards to where their partners eyes are and what they are thinking.

  How do I get Him Back?

I need advice and help. Me and my ex have been together off and on many times, recently we just broke up and now he's dating someone else. (he doesn't know what he wants) But I know he still has very big feelings for me and I want advice and help on getting him back. Even though he's dating someone right now, he still has feelings for me, and I need help on getting him back with me and not with her....

  Signs of a Bad Relationship Choice

Women who have been in relationships with 4-5 dangerous men report these are potential SIGNS for a bad relationship choice...

  Why Men Withdraw, And What To Do About It

I've heard hundreds, maybe thousands, of men talk about this exact perception of a woman and how they fear being with a woman who they think will make this giant mistake...

  The UGLY Return of Jealousy and Low Self-esteem

You have just walked into a restaurant with your partner feeling on top of the game. It's been so long since your negative feelings have taken you down that you have totally left your guard down and open for attack. You spot the threat, you immediately feel a shot go directly through your stomach. You feel yourself losing the ability to maintain a steady breathe. Your strength is weakening so fast that you feel the return of the old familiar panic.


BROKEN TRUST......ever feel like your entire world has just turned upside down?

  Walking on egg shells !

Walking on egg shells! Has anyone ever told you, that's how they feel around you? If they have, it's a huge red flag and one that should not be ignored. It needs to be dealt with immediately.

  Will You Be My Valentine?

Will You Be My Valentine? Give this list to your true love. It is a very special list. It is not candy, chocolates or teddy bears. It is something even better and so much more lasting.

  Jealousy, a lonely place to be!

You really have to experience this emotion to understand its strong hold on a persons mind....

  Being Dumped, just plain sucks!

"Being Dumped" really is one of the worst experiences, short of death...

  Anger and Hurt: another lonely place!

Protecting another person from our hurts or anger is only imprisoning ourselves...

  Am I in Love? (Questions of the Heart)

Do you feel your brains turn to mush as soon as cupids arrow spears your heart?

  To Trust or not to Trust

They grow up somehow suffering through the pain and loneliness of living with mistrust. For some they rise above it and use it as a learning tool. For others they become it; mistrusting everyone and everything. A small number of those people seek help and spend many hours and a great deal of energy trying to conquer it.

  Walls Of Communication!

Once the first brick has then been set, the foundation of the wall to communication breakdown will rise up very fast....

  You are killing US with YOUR jealousy

Jealousy!- Mistrusted by the one you love is a hardship and a definite pain...

  Give the Gift of Self esteem for Christmas!

A kind word to boost our self-esteem and Christmas cheer will be more than welcomed by all. While shopping for that special gift, choose something that will send a self-esteem thought. To show someone appreciation and love, is itself a true gift. When we give, we feel good in ourselves, so in actual fact we are receiving at the same time.

  Tips on Cunnilingus, Fellatio and Orgasms!

Sex, women, men.... Sex, orgasms, feelings.... Sex, cunnilingus, fellatio and even Cuddles.......

  Jealousy or Trust....You choose!

Have you ever had to battle thoughts in your mind that were two sided? One saying he is looking at her, and the other saying, he is lusting for her!

  Be His Gift of Self-esteem for Christmas

Twelve Days to a Higher Self-esteem: 12 very positive habits in order to reach your highest self-esteem. Not to mention a very good feeling of self-worth. Think of it as the Twelve Days to a Higher Self-esteem!

  Just love me!

"Just LOVE Me, like a fat kid loves cake!"






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