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All people  think differently and they all value people differently especially when it comes to relationships or matters of the heart.
When we are talking about how many men think and feel about Love, Sex & Lust....these are my thoughts.

First of all....lust...love  and sex are completely different in descriptive terms.

Sex is as we all know, a physical act. It is an urge or instinct to manifest itself in a certain behavior between two people or for some much more philandering types many people.
Lust can be an overwhelming passionate desire, a wish/ fantasy, even an uncontrollable craving for sex or power.
Love is the unconditional devotion, tenderness, fondness, predilection(weakness), warmth, passion, adoration and can  even be known as a personification of a sexual attraction. I llllllllove to use this analogy  in describing what love is...love is like the wind...you feel it but you cannot see it...it just is !

There are so many types of men and of all ages...with each, their reason or need will vary for each stage of life.

The very young men...consciously or subconsciously.. will be attracted to the female through his natural chemical instinct well know as his 'pubescent' sex drive...at this early age it is all about lust, sex and the intrigue of becoming a man. He is not yet at a maturity level of understanding the true meaning of commitment known as love.

Some men never grow past this pubescent way of thinking. The idea of what a relationship is to them remains only to see women as a sexual body and will choose her to be his wife accordingly. This again is a relationship of lust and or sex.

Some men see women as an equal and a person that they are compatible with and will choose his wife accordingly. In this situation Love is the reason behind their unity. Sex is not a necessity, it is fun and a way to enjoy their love for each other but again it is not the glue that binds them.
Some men will choose to have a woman of a substantially lesser age than himself to feed his ego, his deviant sexual desires or boost his own self-esteem. Thus being considered the 'arm-candy' relationship. The man has his model prize to sport at his social events and the women in many cases has her $$$$.

It could also be said that the older man is subconsciously filling a void of losing a daughter or never having one as in the younger woman that will choose an older man as her partner to fill a void the father image. In either of theses scenarios...sex or lust is rarely part of the relationship.
This is considered a parental type of love.

In my thoughts...I believe that a relationship has many levels as does any emotional side of the human brain.

Two people meet...there is usually a definite instant attraction...it could be a physical appearance....a chemical reaction...the way they smile or even how they respond to something. There is always something that flips that switch that sets this person aside from the crowd.
Once that is established they begin to court or date that person of interest. The relationship moves forward ...they have sexual relations which are the next stage...it is a joining of two human beings through physical sharing and pleasure.
Eventually they feel secure with each others sexuality and the relationship moves on
toward compatibility, sharing day to day life such as children, friends, and all of the ups and downs that life offers. They do not choose separate roads..they remain on the same road although continuing to grow as individuals while growing together.

There are also the relationships that choose to value the companionship more so than the sexual side..in this situation both partners mutually agree to have sexual partners outside of the marriage. In this situation love is what is important and it is enjoyed without sex.

For a man to love through lust or sex...it is a destruction waiting to happen. Neither sex nor lust has any real substance to overpower realities challenges. Nor can they outlast the human mind and body. I doubt very much that at 80 or 90 I will be chasing down the opposite sex any more than my male counterpart. I seriously think I will be passed that part of the relationship :)
I can go on dissecting different types and varieties of relationships but that would involve writing a book!
In a word...Love cannot be found nor can it survive through only sex or lust!

“True love never dies for it is lust that fades away.
Love bonds for a lifetime but lust just pushes away.”


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