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Relationship Information > Tips on Cunnilingus, Fellatio and Orgasms!

Tips on Cunnilingus, Fellatio and Orgasms!

Sex, women, men... Sex, orgasms, feelings... Sex, cunnilingus, fellatio...Cuddles!


 If you are wondering what I am going to share with you tonight, then you are definitely in need of this article, especially after reading my teaser up there. I have shared many of my thoughts with you during the past few months. Mostly about females why`s and woe`s. I have had many men request that I give them more information on exactly what women like in the sex, and feelings department.

There are many sites out there that are about dating, relationships, how to score, how to win, and yet men are still looking for answers. Why is that?  Maybe it`s because not every answer fits every women! That may be your first hint guys. We are all different, what works on one women will make another women slap your face with disgust. So I would think that a good thing to do is to just chat a bit with the lady and get to know the side of her that she is willing to show you. Hopefully you are smart enough to listen to her, and learn as she talks. Oh, and please save the checking out her boobs or her butt until after you have won the first battle.


I truly believe men are so quickly blinded by our physical protrusions (wink) that they immediately lose their focus at first base. Guys, the body parts are not going anywhere. Have some class and be patient. OK, enough about that very somber subject. I will leave that for another show, as they say.


Women's feelings, as most men have already experienced are nothing to joke about. Women are hormonal and sensitive creatures and at the same time very strong. Those three characteristics are nothing short of explosive. The beneficial side to these hard to deal with emotions is that women are just as equally passionate and loving toward the male gender. It is our passion that fuels our desires to be wanted by men. We send off certain signals that entice and attract men. Women know exactly how to win a mans heart. Remember, we are the more sensitive feeling being, of the two genders. We also deal with hormones that turn us into monsters one minute and little tiny babies in another. Our feelings are usually on the top of our skin. That's why we get hurt so much easier than men. We are child bearers, and that instinctively causes us to be more cautious and rely on our intuitions more than facts. So guys , please forgive us for being the more feeling human. Do not hate us for it, or get frustrated with us, but love us and know that for all the pain we share, we also share twice as much pleasure. That brings me to my next thought!


Sex, that is definitely a good thought not to mention a very fun act between men and women. Women love to be touched, and felt. She wants to feel your hands on her body.  It is a very important physical connection that sends messages to her most intimate senses. When a man touches a woman's body, she feels wanted, she feels lusted, she feels craved, but most of all she feels SEXY! Her self-esteem will ROAR! That my dear sweet men, is exactly the point you want her at. You want her to feel SEXY!

Remember, we are all different. Educate yourself with our differences,  respect that and you will achieve what you desire!

Women do vary with having their breasts touched and played with. This should be done gently at first, so to not turn her off. 

Some women love a very passionate kiss. A passionate kiss can be an instant orgasm for some or just the beginning for others. 

Women love to feel the sensation of your breathe on their skin. That will surely send her to a new level of sensations. 

Women have very sensitive backs. A women's spine will tingle with the slightest touch of your finger tips.

Kiss her shoulders, please.

Kiss her belly!

Kiss her thighs, that is another very sweet spot for women! Kiss her between her legs! She will be warm already, anticipating the sensation of your tongue! It is a very sweet way to taste the women that you desire! She will feel that much more open to you, knowing that you want every part of her body! 

Women`s bodies have so many sensations that it does take  a bit more time to get them to orgasm. The more sensations that you can get a women to feel, the higher she will go into her orgasm zones. Spend time tasting her, never rush her. Also please no not wear out just one spot. Women know their good spots, ask her to tell you what feels good. Be patient though, women do have a harder time talking about sex. Listen to her moans, read her body language, feel her wetness. All these are signs being sent to you. That's a plus for you also. The more orgasmic a women feels, the more adventurous she will be when it is you she wants to devour.

 Remember, to tell her how SEXY she is and how sweet she tastes! Let her know how good she feels to you. Let her know that she is driving you crazy. Women can be driven wild just by those comments during sex. When men are quiet during sex, women feel that they are not exciting or sexy. Women need to hear that men want them and want to please them. When women feel they are wanted, that in turn makes them want to please their man. HMMM! Where do you think my thoughts are going now?


On the flip side.... Women also love to please their men. They know that men crave fellatio, better know to most as ,"Blow-jobs". (Smilz) Yes guys we know, we know. Women search and read more that you know on  just how to give their guy the best BJ. There are just as many books out there and sites on the Internet about that as there are about how to please a woman. My hint to all the women wondering out there is...PRACTICE!!!! Body language from your man is a must to watch for. Not all men are the same. Some men are more sensitive in some areas that others. Just as women are also on different levels of sensations when it comes to oral sex.


Another good tip ladies is your thoughts at the time of the Bj.

Think sex.

Think wet.

Think suction.

Think swallowing

Think warm.

Think HIM!!

Love him!! 

But most of all suck him like you want it.

The more he feels that you are just absolutely crazy for it, the more intense it is for him. Do not be afraid of what you are doing. You cannot hurt him unless you bite. That's a NO! NO!.... DO NOT BITE or SCRAPE! :) Don`t be afraid to ask him how it feels, or if there is anything more you can do to please him.

I stress he wants to know that you are also enjoying this action as you want to know when he  is doing you!


Communication, as in anything, is important in sex. It is after all, something that we want to enjoy with one another. Also we learn more about each other through  sharing our physical desires. Ladies another very huge turn on for your man is when he sees you feel SEXY! When a man sees his woman sexy, confident and open to him, it will totally send him over the edge of lust for you. So lets get SEXY!!


 When all is said and done, Cuddles is a biggie. We need to cuddle. It reassures us that everything was perfect. It's kind of like the icing on the cake. It bonds us on another level of communication. Some women and men have their best conversations when they cuddle. It is almost like a surrender of weapons.


Well these are my thoughts on this. I hope I have not offended anyone. I know this is a different subject than what you are use to reading. But I am human also, just like you. Also I wanted to show a little attitude of a different color for my readers.




Enjoy life and enjoy all of it benefits.




We only get but one shot at it.




Men and Women were made to enjoy each other.




So just do it!









Dorothy Lafrinere



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