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We know that Books, Internet Sites & Therapists all express a lot about unconditional self-love! The question is, do we understand it's real meaning and do we apply it to ourselves?
I have written several articles about the importance of self-love, each time leaving out the key word. In this article, I am adding the key word 'unconditional'. This is a very strong descriptive key word which completely releases all and any conditions we put on ourselves that play any part in hindering our own self-love.
Ones Unconditional Self-love comes with absolutely no expectations, no judgments, no
reason, no reaction and no rhyme. It just is what it is. It is as the air we breathe, you cannot see it, you cannot touch it,  you just know it is there and it is just as vital to our staying alive and living a well balanced life!

I am going to use a Mother as an example of pure & genuine unconditional self-love.

A mother will:
... go to hell and back to protect her child...
... put herself second to her child's needs forever...
... love & nurture her child no matter how many limbs are missing or what type of health issue her child is born with...
... forgive over and over and over again...
... listen when no one else cares....
... accept her child no matter the differences in their skin, their weight, their height even their sometimes awkward

personality types...
... always be older and wiser than her child...
... always love her child no matter what anyone says...
... feel her child's pain, fear, sickness and failures..
... always believe in her child...
This is how you spell unconditional love in so many different words. When applying this same type of acceptance to yourself,

it is Unconditional Self-love.

Can you honestly identify with having Unconditional Self-Love?....

Can you look in the mirror and accept not only the reflection you see but also the person inside that reflection for all of

his/her flaws & differences?

Can you forgive yourself for any/all your shortcomings?

If you cannot love yourself unconditionally as a mother loves her child, how can you ever expect to have confidence or any

level of self-worth? Without those qualities you will never have a healthy self-esteem which is vital to accepting who you


Everyone makes mistakes in their life, there is no-one above the law of failure at one point or another. It is however not

the mistake or the act of failing that defines who you are. It is how you overcome it and learn from it and never ever allow

it to stand in the way your how you love yourself. That is truly an unconditional self-love!

WE all go through life loving and enjoying other people and/or things, this type of love is very different from the

unconditional self-love I am referring to. To actually love you with no conditions, no rules, no reason, and accept all

faults without question... is a completely different type of love. It is unconditional. It is self-love..it is how you gain a

higher and stronger self-esteem within you.

What is unconditional love for your self?
It is a love that means nothing matters, nothing can change your love of who you are.
It is a feeling of acceptance that only you can have for you.

It is what truly strengthens ones self-esteem!
You are a true gift of life...this gift is your unconditional self-love.

Respect it and own it...it is yours!






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