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Perception vs. Jelousy and Deception
Perception vs. Jelousy and Deception



Perception vs. Jelousy and Deception- Since the 12th of August there has been a cataloge of events which has lead to me being withdrawn and using my observational skills instead. I study people and their motives and it is my belief to be honest and true only to yourself. In other words let your conscience be your guide. It is not only the manner in which you interact with people that will enable them to bestow RESPECT but the manner in which we conduct ourselves in our dealings with others.

It became clear to me that, ' the person you believe you know, sometimes is not at all known until you get to know them well'. I like a challenge, and I truely believe that I have encountered that when I began to see the length and breadth that anybody would go for DISRESPECT. In due course I met manny of your friends but never have I disrespected any of them yet I do not understand why is it that you cannot respect my friends wishes not to contact him anymore and he has told you on several ocasions that he does not wish to be contacted and you still continue to contact him the last time being today Wednesday 11 October 2006. Rais did not, ''just teck set on you'' as you had claimed but he had requested that I told you that he had liked you but I told him I did not tell you, as in principle he must tell you himself but in due course of our girl talk I told you what he had said and you agree that you had suspected, '' by the way he was looking at you'', and this alone confirms that you were very much aware but I never made him aware as I told him that he must tell you himself. Later when you went out shopping and Rais was sat in the park and you were assisting me with the bags from the carboot to the door I could not understand why you suddenly felt that he should have automatically helped and as he failed to come while you were taking the things out, when you took all the bags and left them at the front door I understood that I needed help to get them indoors. I then summoned Rais, ''saying, Rais come here and he came over straight away. You hopped into your car and drove away. You later claimed in a conversation to Rais why when I call him he comes but he failed to help you and he was in fact calling out to you to ask if you would like help and he was insulted again as he was ignored, that is until I called out to him. the next time I saw you you made an apology that you were tired but by then I was aware you were indeed lying as re had already confirmed that you were Jelous of the fact that I summoned his assistance and he came to my aid as you are aware and he is that I suffer with Chronic Persistent Pain in the back and Spine and that day in particular I was in Pain and everything was left at the door and you said, ''he is coming when everything is out look I am going'' and you left in a hurry and drove off before he could have crossed the road. May I remind you Rais is my Friend of 6 years and we have that bond that manny will continue to envy he was noteven your friend for 24hrs.

There has been several complaints which I have noted that he brought to my attention:

1) On the day in question when Rais requested a relationship with you he was dismaid at how you would disrespect my home as in his view you had just left home and called to pick me up and you had repetedly told him over 10 times that you are hungry as I was on an international conference call across London Canada and New York it was impossible to to terminate the call so I took the call upstairs and during this time rais did not agree with your conduct in my home despite being party to what had happened he said at one point you had kocked your leg so high he was able to see Arizona and the Forest of Dean. He also confirmed that what had taken place had lead to your boobs being exposed. This I felt was a betrayal of trust and I am more likely to respect the person for admitting that something ontoward had taken place in my living room. And if there was a need for such an urge you should have respected my home whether I was present or not... and the several calls that Ruth is coming meant that you knew fully well that you were doing jus that. All you had said when I came into the room was ''Wot a way Rais tek set pun meh''

2) The following day after he told you that he liked you and requested a relationship with you and promised to assist you with the building work to your newly purchased home ..you came to my home to take me and my brother Andrew to the Mall and your greeting to him when you saw him in my home was, '' Rais wot you doing here''... in his openion you had insulted him and tis is despite English is his 9th language and straight away you were attempting to control him and he resented this bitterly but showed respect that my senior brother was present, was leaving that day and did not intend to challenge you regarding this as he appreciated that he has always been welcomed to my home and this greeting he has never been subjected to and it was a big insult indeed.

3) A few days later I was talking to you outside the door and I had no understanding why Rais walked straight pass I ask you wot is going on and your statement was, 'I don't know ...nothing'. You were aware since you telephoned Rais and he explained that his position was 'tight' as a result of the insult he had been subjected to by you he decided he did not want anything to do with you but you persisted to bombard him with telephone calls inviting him to meet you at a petrol station, and frequently knocked on his door which is a shared home.

4) I understand that you are desparate for help to secure your repairs and I had explained that Rais had the sills as he is a builder and despite this by way of deception I did not believe you would ask him in my presence,'so Rais wot you do for a living?
Rais had received telephone calls from you, and I find it hard to believe why you would want to know the cost of a gift he gave me which was the caftan blousehe gave me and why you would want to tell him that he insulted you when he gave me the blouse in your presence...it meant that you felt that the blouse should be for you well let me tell you something, I wear my blouse with pride and I am glad that he told you he bought it for a £1.00. The man had to tell you that he would buy me 10 more but he never offered you one. Wot shocked me that during this time you continued to come to my home, but you were a fool to believe that I was not aware Well if I feel that way about anyone I ain't going to their house.

5) Subsequently you telephoned Rais and your calls became more obscene requesting that he come and played with your genetalia ( your Fanny) his understanding of english is not such that he would understand slang but with the aid of a friend he was able to gain some understanding of the advances that you were makingand you need his kock - when he resented your calls and laughed at you you tried other options you called him a wanker he then told you wot to do with your finger.

6) When on the last Friday in August we went to the social together I had no idea wot was going to happen but I give God thanks for my gift of perception, I was not feeling well that evening but as I had promised I decided to go along to the social particularly as you had mentioned that the Social that you went along to everyone had asked for me as I was present at the June social so I made an effort as a result in fact, I felt like going to my bed. when we got there I remember commenting about the position you had left the car in but you told me that the access around the other side was full but as I glanced up it was not at all full but I made no further comment. I at times reserve my comment but with hindsight I was very much aware that the manner in which you had parked that car was not without motive. When I got there everyone gave me a warm welcome. We all laughed and joked and despite getting on the thin end of the wedge by telling me that I thought I woulf have got a special invite to Donald's party but I didn't...I overlook certain things as words are nothing but wind and sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. Donald and I spent a lot of time talking and I did get a special invite and he gave me one for my cousin. you will recall that I even commented that, I do not go places that I am not invited. I kissed Petrona and I kissed Mr bailey on the lips and I guess this was not good for you as he is, 'my friend who never remembers my name', but remembers to kiss me. VERY SOON AFTER THE KISS everyone was getting ready to leave and I bought myself some food and Paulette packed it for me in a bag and we were all ready to call it a day then you (Hilary) said that you were going because you were tired and you were going to go with Joanne...Joanne was hinting to me to put my shoes on because I was a bare foot dancer for the nite and yes the African music went down well and I showed Lynette the funky chicken Guyanese style.

7)I ignored Joanne as I begun to see the motive unfold in my head and I saw the deception in your eyes - yes I really did and I recalled simply looking at the clock, as I knew that even if I had hurried and put my shoes on I was not welcomed in that ride home and again Joanne coaxed me, ' go put ya shoes on'. In principle it was not her duty to invite me to go home with you(Hilary) when the car is yours. It was clear that you were not going to take me home and you had no intention to do so and you had even cherry picked who was going to take me home, by saying 'you can go home with Donnald'. In your view Donald is a man that fancied me and want to chase me as on my first time at the Social he even tried to get my number and I played the game, and the next available workday he was at the shop...and you even commented when I told you, 'you knew he would turn up'.you fully knew the situation and it was your intention that you left me in a compromised position to get home and I recalled telling you that I could walk home as I only have to cross the bridge and I could walk any hour of the nite as this is my home city and I know it well. I did note too that your only concern was Donald had a storey to tell as your comments were, 'u will tell me how it go Donald' in this statement alone any fool would have understood your motive and if you had any care you would have expressed your wish for me to get home safely and you call the following day. You failed to do that and your motive became clearer. Even when Donald tried to probe me on a passing joke he has missed you told him don't bother that is the daughter of a Policeman she won't give away anything. Well you will find that you are right that is my style.

That night no one had you in good taste for what you had done but you were about to get your reward and no one knew it not even you for what was in store for you was the reward that anyone in your position deserved. I believe in Science 'every action has a reaction', and whenever I am silent that is the time the power of perception works best ... it is written that, your evil friends.. they themselves will depart from you ...even when they are laughing with you, you, will know that they are not your friends and even Bob Marley said, 'your best friend is your worst enemy'. That is why I don't have or need any friends, I have colleagues, associates and acquaintances and even to qualify for any of those principle is the only pre- requisite.

What then happened was you dropped Joanne off who lives next door to you and proceeded to 'ROAM' and 'WONDER' YOU COULD NOT TAKE ME HOME BUT YOU ENDED UP ON MY STREET KNOCKING ON MY GOOD FRIEND NEIGHBOUR DOOR ( I live at 70 he lives at 82) he got up from his bed thinking that it was someone of the other young men had forgotten their keys so he opened the door saying, 'BASTARD WHERE IS YOUR KEYS' when the door was fully open he was in shock to see you standing there at 04.20am in shock he said BASTARD WOT YOU ARE DOING HERE YOU ARE SHIT, YOU ARE SHIT then you asked, I am shit and he replied FUCK OFF BASTARD YOU ARE SHIT AND SLAMMED THE DOOR SO STRONG IN YOUR FACE THE OTHER HOUSES SHOOK. Unknown to him you had left his friend behind with an unpredictable fate his actions had shown you the power of perception is stronger than jealousy and deception. Well someone said you needed to be LAY-ED so I say wot that mean and she said well she had an ITCH and it needed to be SCRATCHED well I could not do anything but be tickled. as I had recalled at the party that you had complained that you had a reaction on the back and it may have been an allergy but they had said it may have been indeed your hair but all these were indicators that led to the door being slammed in your face and him requesting that you no longer knock at his door as he would become an atom bomb and fight you and believe me he will do it. Whatever is in the mind will come out in the pores we are just a matter of a chemical compound.

With the shame and disgrace that faced you unknown to me the confusion you were in you could not even call to see if I got home safely on Saturday, Sunday or Monday or in fact to date. Sunday was Donald's party and it rained and rained so everyone came out to the party at 02.00am so I caught a taxi as I thought that this is not a party to be missed. So I saw a friend who missed the social on the Friday Nite and she asked me for you but my reply was that I did not know and as my back was turned I could not see you as the party was packed and as she continued to speak she identified you in the dark. The shock of the glimpse of you seeing me at the party made you cut out from the joint, but your parked car was the evidence that you were there as I saw it parked.

Later you telephoned Rais 06.00am to tell him that he was drunk and he had shut the door strong in your face... what an excuse when the man does not drink, and he must go to London with you and take you to the Casino, take you to the Club. You only knew that he liked going to the Casino from a conversation I had with you in confidence that had been breached in your desperate quest. He then told you again, 'I am tight' but you failed to to understand its meaning that he does not intend to move from that position that you have insulted him and that, ' HE WANTS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU AND EVEN IF YOU OFFER HIM £100,000TO DO YOUR BUILDING WORK HE WOULD NOT DO IT FOR YOU'. I can assure that position will not change as I know him well and he is the first to recognise when an attempt is being made to use him. You felt that you need to give him money because he is tight but he is clear that he does not intend to move his position and YOU HAVE SAID THAT ALL YOU NEED IS 1 (ONE)FUCK and the man had to revert to asking if you think you have a GOLD PUSSY ... is this not a DESPERATE POSITION TO BE IN ? Would this guarantee your building work being done. By behaving in this manner you have just isolated yourself.

8) When Rais answered my telephone and you later called at my house on Thursday 1st September when you arrived you did not ask where was Rais as he had left by the time you had arrived but you saw it fit to to Telephone Rais and asked him why he left my home before you had arrived.

Is this because he has blown your ego that an illiterate woman who you know well had a 1 month affair with him and managed to get him in the sack and you as an intelligent woman failed to develop a rapour and in less than 24 hrs it was all over. I was privileged to have a birds eye view of the issues. Rightly so you became estranged as you have and will continue to question why he has such great respect for me. and when he told you anybody say something wrong to him about Ruth he would kill your reply was oh my god oh my god. Why you so respect Ruth? you then proceeded despite him explaining I am his sister and this is his last stop before he dies...you would suggest that 100%she has an affair with you. well you have told me of your good friend Ron and I have respected that friendship and haven't made any suggestions about the friendship and to crown it my husband is aware of our friendship so wot the hell. We Guyanese know about true family friends that are like brothers and sisters and they will do more for you than a stranger will...ask any Guyanese and they will tell you that when they eat we eat too and they are part of the family and furniture.

I stood by you through thick and thin throughout the suspension and REDUNDANCY for you to do wot you have done I can understand why you only sit there with the conversation box on messenger with nothing in your defence because you need help out of this situation but I have learnt and I do not intend to help you out of this one it is all self inflicted. Like the song say sorry for maga dog maga dog turn round bite you.

Donald and I had struck up a rap-pour that would tease out our former encounters and why we had seemed familiar at first, as he had lived around the corner from where I presently live and had moved to where I previously lived and from both districts he remembers me as I used to Call on him with Avon products. I established a lasting friendship that would be envied, he was the better choice for returning home as I enjoyed my journey as it turned out to be the best friend of my cousin but it is in Principle that was the last time in my life that I would ever travel with you ... it was indeed a lesson well learnt so much so that I am submitting it to the 11 o'clock story because my story should be told.

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